Decorative bathroom: linen leads the dance!

Decorative bathroom: linen leads the dance!

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It doesn't take much to awaken a style, an ambiance in the bathroom. The proof, by betting on towels, bathrobes and rugs to match our mood, Madame Relaxation offers a nice facelift at lower cost. Inspirations.


Ikéa It's spring, and soon summer! Never mind, the bathroom has a directive to do like the wardrobe. Dressing in color. Let's go !


Essix Home Collection Chic and practical, this bathroom mixes the colors of bathrobes, both for an energizing effect and to avoid confusing each other's models.


La Redoute To twist a sleeping bathroom in a haven of white softness, red and blue towels do the trick. Even better if they are covered with capital inscriptions!


AM.PM Hanging on a thread, this collection of bathrobes and towels, small or large, forms a beautiful gradient on the wall. Rainbow effect when you hold us!

White white

Blanc des Vosges Changing style is not the only rule. Using bath linen to reinforce a preset atmosphere can also be useful! Demonstration with this careful exhibition of white cotton towels against a background of woody furniture and immaculate white decor.


La Redoute Large bath of colors for this bathroom, which, before being invaded with pink, red, orange, green or blue towels, was white, all white.


Alexandre Turpault Not girly enough in the bathroom? That was before offering him linen in feminine colors. Lilac, plum, powdery, fuchsia, glam red, it's up to you to determine the ideal color to boost your new fashionista complexion.


Jean Vier To plant a seaside decor in the bathroom, there are not only woven wicker storage baskets, a driftwood mirror and shelves suspended by ropes. Simple bath towels with an ocean blue color or marine stripes are enough to make the anchor lift…


Linvosges On open wooden shelves, the pond reveals a range of napkins in plum / taupe tones. A perfect choice to enhance the softness and elegance of the natural style. "Taupissime"!


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