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Make your own dishwashing liquid: step by step

Make your own dishwashing liquid: step by step

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In my quest for an ever cleaner house without dirtying the planet, I recently realized the recipe for homemade dishwashing liquid. Easy to make, this preparation requires very little effort and uses everyday products. Two convincing arguments that finished convincing me. Here is the step by step to make at home a dishwashing liquid as easy to do as effective.

Make 50 grams of Marseille soap shavings

Household appliances It is possible to buy Marseille soap flakes which dissolve more easily in water. However we can do as well with a bar of soap provided you use a grater with large holes to transform your Marseille soap into shavings. Bonus: at this point, the house begins to embalm.

Adding hot water to melt the soap

Household appliances Once your shavings are made, pour about 80 cl of boiling water and mix the whole with a wooden spoon. The soap shavings should be completely dissolved in water before proceeding.

One tablespoon of soda

Household appliances Soda crystals have a degreasing power. They go into action to dissolve fat, which is more easily detached.

Then baking soda, black soap and white vinegar

Household appliances The same amount of the following three products (a tablespoon of baking soda, one of black soap and one of white vinegar so that your homemade dishwashing liquid has miraculous properties: clean, shine and disinfect! baking soda and vinegar mixture which causes a reaction in the form of foam, fortunately harmless for health.

The solution thickens

Household appliances Little by little, the mixture obtained will thicken and resemble a dishwashing liquid as can be found on the market. If you want to perfume, know that it is possible to add a few drops of essential oil. Then let your mixture sit for a few hours.

A hand blender to homogenize the preparation

Household appliances Before packaging your dishwashing liquid, you can make it more homogeneous by mixing it quickly.

Transfer to a plastic bottle

Household appliance I used a plastic bottle to store my washing up liquid. Provide a funnel to facilitate the passage from the bowl to the bottle.

And There you go ! Your homemade dishwashing liquid is ready!

All that remains is to use it. You will undoubtedly be destabilized at the beginning because the house dishwashing liquid is very low foaming compared to that of the trade. One more thing to know: the product can gradually harden which complicates its use. In this case, add a little hot water to your product and shake.