Focus on concrete pools

Focus on concrete pools

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If concrete is very trendy as a coating in the home, it has long been an ally of beautiful swimming pools. Original shapes, different decorative styles, at Carré Bleu, the concrete pool bends to your desires for a heavenly decor.

Concrete to create spaces

CARRE BLEU BB JARDIN in Villefranche s / Saône (69) With concrete, you can not only create the pool of your dreams but also other spaces that will make your garden your paradise. Here, the end of the pool hosts a pool where the vegetation flourishes.

A dream pool

CARRE BLEU POOLS PYRENEES ATLANTIQUE in Bidart (64) Photographer: M. Pito At Carré Bleu, your desires come to life! Infinity pool, to compensate and in exceptional dimensions: everything is possible. Concrete will materialize your desires with aesthetics.

Indoor pool

Realization CARRE BLEU JMG CONCEPT in Vannes (56) Architect: M. Cremer Please note that swimming pools are not only installed outside. Concrete also creates an indoor pool. The must ? An indoor pool that can open outwards.

An original swimming pool

CARRE BLEU: CERALP in Moirans (38) Architect: Guy Depollier Photographer: François Deladerrière To create an original pool, why not structure it with concrete? This swimming pool thus has two water levels as well as steps which bring a design style.

A Zen pool

CARRE BLEU: CARRIERE PISCINES EVOLUTION in St-Yrieix (16) Photographer: François Deladerrière Concrete pools adapt to all styles and are easily integrated into the outdoor environment. Thus, you can give a very Zen spirit by installing pebbles around the pool and fairly refined furniture.

A designer pool

Realization: CARRE BLEU: CARRIERE PISCINES EVOLUTION in St-Yrieix (16) Photographer: François Deladerrière Concrete is ideal for bringing a very designer style to the pool. You can opt for a very refined model and marked borders that meet the style of the house very design.

A swimming pool in a southern spirit

CARRE BLEU: CARRIERE PISCINES EVOLUTION in St-Yrieix (16) Photographer: François Deladerrière If you want your pool to reflect the spirit of the south, your concrete pool can have a stone border and a mosaic ledge that will bring color to the whole.

A natural swimming pool

CARRE BLEU AQUADIFFUSION in Auriol (13) If you want your pool to be integrated into a natural environment as well as possible, concrete can also be discreet! We then put on a refined form where the water takes on its natural color. Bet on a narrow stone border to make room for the lawn.

An exotic pool

Realization: CARRE BLEU AGRETEC in Artigues-près-Bordeaux (33) Architect: Henri Blanchot Photographer: François Deladerrière Finally, for an exotic spirit, concrete offers very clear water that is sure to make you dream. Around the pool, bet on wood and lush vegetation.


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