Gardens, Garden: prototypes for tomorrow

Gardens, Garden: prototypes for tomorrow

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Gardens, Garden allows each year to discover the talents of tomorrow as well as the innovative objects that will soon enter our daily lives. Here is a selection of the most innovative projects.

B.A-BAmBUS by Jérôme Moulin

D'home Productions ### This creation by Jérôme Moulin offers bus and metro stops reminiscent of nature. The shelter canopies spring up like plant leaves. The city then takes on a nature side which will only be more pleasant for users of public transport.

The green shelter

D'home Productions ### In the same idea, the bus shelter of Lili Cheng and Marylise Roqueray makes the structure of the shelter disappear under the grass. Like green roofs, this green shelter allows the city to breathe better.

Bus Roots

D'home Productions ### This year, the trend is towards greening! And Marco Antonio Castro Cosio proves it by proposing to integrate a green roof to the buses. Nature takes back its rights on the machine and the bus brings a breath of fresh air.

Vegetable channel

D'home Productions ### The tree trench of TreeCreation proposes to replace the concrete or the part by plant. It is then a question of cleaning up at the source and absorbing water while creating a point of vegetation which will absorb CO2 and release oxygen into the city.

The Wallaby vase

D'home Productions ### The Wallaby vase by Coline Prevost and Rachel Lucas showcases nature by adapting to it. Thus the flower pot can be shrunk or enlarged according to the needs of the plant and according to its growth. A real tailor-made outfit!


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