10 Ways to Customize Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

10 Ways to Customize Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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Lack of time, inspiration or low budget? You don't need to redo everything in your kitchen to give it a little boost! Customize your closet doors by following our tips and advice and you will see your kitchen regain a second youth before your eyes ... in no time!

A coat of paint to modernize the kitchen

Leroy Merlin Simple and dynamic, color has an unexpected power over space and allows you to effectively change the atmosphere of a place. Dark for a chic spirit, nude for a cozy effect, you can also customize the closet doors with a more pigmented color to bring a sparkling touch to this key room of the house.

The closet becomes a blackboard

Cuisinella Let the budding artist speak who sleeps in us with a blackboard effect painting. The cupboards will easily transform into ephemeral paintings, sticky notes or supports for your future recipe so that the whole family can take part in this customizable decor.

Masking tape

Masking tape Of all colors and sizes, the decorative masking tape or scotch tape is an accessory that offers many possibilities for dressing the surfaces of the house. We can customize the kitchen cupboards which become an ideal surface to accommodate for example, an origami-style fresco and play the reminder card on the color side. We can thus echo colors already present in the kitchen decoration or offer a touch of color shifted on the doors to boost the atmosphere in the blink of an eye.

A painting yes, but magnetic!

Castorama / Leroy Merlin Some paintings offer a magnetic effect to present on your photo surfaces and other magnetic objects. We have fun here customizing the closet doors with the latest vacation photos, the drawing of the youngest or a simple shopping list. Doors take part in everyday life with originality.

Without the handles

Cuisinella Another effective alternative: a cupboard without a handle! Design and refined, this bias brings a contemporary touch to the space without effort since it removes the relief to obtain a smooth surface, devoid of superfluous details. Be careful however, for this "uninstall": it is better to try the openings before removing everything.

Couture look

Superfront For a chic and retro touch, we opt for new doors that adapt perfectly to our furniture. Some brands offer models designed to replace your current closet doors in no time with very stitched designs. In bas-reliefs, these have a contemporary appearance with a wide choice of geometric patterns: effective in modernizing the kitchen with a personal touch!

Trompe l'oeil

Royal Design Stencil Wood effect, cement or quilted fabric, trompe l'oeil wallpaper is also an effective element to dress a place. Simple to install, it can sublimate the volumes according to its appearance and give a new breath to the kitchen. Here the design gives an oriental and contemporary touch to the white furniture.

We illuminate with the resin

Leroy Merlin Resin is a coating that installs easily on kitchen surfaces to bring a touch of light to this space. Designed for passage areas, this singular material is ideal in the kitchen since it offers, in addition to a satin finish, some protection for your closet doors and other furniture.

We alternate the effects

Leroy Merlin Want everything? No concessions to make in decoration: modernizing the kitchen also involves the mixing of materials and renderings concerning furniture coverings. We then alternate between wood, resin or 3D effect to give rhythm to our cupboards and make the decor more dynamic.