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Table decor: 10 ideas for New Years

Table decor: 10 ideas for New Years

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Whether you are with family, friends or a couple, New Year is an opportunity to meet around a delicious festive meal. Your table decoration must match the dishes you serve, which will be - no doubt - as beautiful as they are good! Here are 10 ideas for a party table.

Chic New Year in Black and Gold

House of fraser

As in a four star hotel, we are going out! A plate for each dish, a glass per drink and some pretty decorative items in black and gold tones. The hushed and intimate atmosphere will bring out the magnificent party ornaments of your guests. Dress code: little black dresses and dark costumes!

Black and white version


Sometimes the simplest things work best. Take black and white in color code and play the card of simplicity. The designer and sleek chairs contribute to the decor as well as the stars hanging from a branch. You have a surprising party table: you had to think about it!

A New Year with the charm of yesteryear

Silverware of Yesteryear

If Nadine de Rothschild received you, this might be the table style she would set up for you! Silver cutlery, crystal glasses, porcelain dishes and seasonal fruits are essential for a beautiful table decoration. Evening dress required at the entrance!

A magical table decor

Zara Home

To add magic to your New Year's Eve party, combine white with gold, and add verticality to your table decor. For example, long candles, a large carafe, flutes and wine glasses. All in finesse! The extra touch: a few geometric decorative objects will bring everything out. Well done artist!

A golden shower for your festive table

House of fraser

A great idea to put into practice to enhance your table: the golden tablecloth. Not only does it reflect light and make everyone look good, but it also highlights all dishes. Guaranteed wow effect!

Metallic effects

Houses of the world

For a very contemporary party table decoration, opt for geometric patterns, metallic reflections and copper tones. A few well-chosen accessories will give an industrial style to any table - even a wooden table. Placemats, trays, trivets, small jars: you will find them at all prices, and you can also find pretty things in salvage. Add candles and a simple garland and you're ready to welcome your guests!

Italian style

Zara Home

What if we had fun organizing a New Year like in Italy? Chic and glamorous table in red and white, we even push things up to respect the tradition of underwear. For the New Year to bring you love and luck, you must wear red lingerie on December 31. And yes, you too, gentlemen. Viva Italia!

Soft table decor at low prices

Kelly Hoppen

For small budgets, you keep your dishes everyday and energize them with a nice table decoration. We just buy a few small items at a lower cost such as candles, Christmas balls and metallic ribbon. You take out your pen to make pretty name tags and you can also pick up branches and pine cones to give a natural touch. All at less than 15 euros!

British night

George Home

Tartan and red stripes invite themselves to the table for an English Christmas. We mix the patterns and the prints to give an offbeat chic side to the whole. But we keep the classic white towels so that the effect is not too heavy!


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