A Scandinavian chic New Years Eve table

A Scandinavian chic New Years Eve table

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This year, the holiday season rhymes more than ever with elegance, simplicity and naturalness. To achieve a surprising table decoration with a small budget and a lot of delicacy, we put everything on plants, wood, light and transparency… 10 natural ideas to copy urgently!

A touch of simplicity

Bloesem On the tableware side, there is no obligation to invest in a party service provided you dress each plate with a plant detail that changes everything: a small branch of fir, holly or even olive, and that's the spirit of Christmas on the plate!

Cinnamon and fir napkin rings

Not even hurt ! To stick to the Scandinavian trend, we choose white or cream table linen, raw linen or simple cotton, which we accessorize with spruce, holly or larch branches, a few cinnamon sticks, hemp string ... Even with a white sheet transformed into a tablecloth, your table will be sumptuous for a really sweet budget ...

Hanging bouquets

Bungalow 5 To play the originality card and surprise your guests, you put the vases in the cupboard and hang bouquets of grasses on the ceiling! "Wow" effect guaranteed at lower cost!

White candles dressed in green…

Benita Loca Once the table is set, priority is given to light and candles. In a few minutes, white candles transform into a festive decorative accessory with a little foam and branches simply wrapped around with a string or ribbon.

A bottle + a branch = a candle holder!

Bungalow 5 The Scandinavians like to associate the light of the candles with the transparency of the glass to create games of brightness of great purity. A simple glass bottle filled with water thus transforms into a festive candle holder with a small branch cut on the tree, a little water and a candle… white, of course.

Ice and light

Practically Functional What if we set out to create an ephemeral candle jar in ice? Express instructions: place a small tin can in a large one (with 1 or 2 cm difference in diameter). We place stones in the small one and in the space between the two we put water, branches, berries, slices of fruit ... One night in the freezer or on the balcony, we unmold ... and that's it!

Cranberry candle holders

Le Cahier In a childlike simplicity, these last-minute candle holders bring an extra touch to the table ... In a jar or a recycled glass jar, put a few sprigs of rosemary, cranberries and fill with water ... A floating candle, and here is a magnificent Christmas tealight holder!

A water fountain with mint and cranberries

Betty Crocker For a Christmas buffet, we also love this water fountain decorated with mint leaves and red berries that bring a touch of color and naturalness ... A beautiful party accessory that makes you want to drink water!

Rosemary labels

Socca Cuisine For those who like to gather their whole tribe around the table at Christmas, these very simple labels are wildly elegant ... White card stock, black felt, sprigs of rosemary and in a few minutes this is your plan. magnified table!


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