I create a Zen garden

I create a Zen garden

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Decorating your garden means creating a quality environment outside your house or apartment. As for its interior, there are many themes to decorate your garden, and one of the main trends of the moment is to create a Zen garden. How to do ? What elements to choose? Here is a selection of ideas chosen by the editorial staff.

Natural tiles

Botanic Do you want to leave the lawn part in your Zen garden? It's possible ! Forget the aisles and choose small slate or natural stone slabs. Place them as you wish, taking into account the average length of each person's steps.

Well-chosen plants

Botanic If you want to create a Zen garden, choose your plants well. Prefer dark plants with an exotic touch. If you like flowers, opt for the white color which brings serenity and elegance. Finally, having one or more bonsai is simply ideal.

Polynesian inspiration

Cactose An exotic pergola, small white pebbles and well-chosen plants, all the elements come together in this Zen garden. Our favorite is undeniably the water fountain mainly made up of natural materials.

Small and Zen

Tracy Kendall Is your garden small? You can still make it a Zen space. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from this garden: the walls are light in color, stone and water are present and the plants have been very well chosen.

The right furniture

Botanic Having furniture adapted to its decor is a major asset. Here it is a comfortable living room with natural colors that enhances the Zen garden. The decorative elements have been particularly well selected and the whole exudes serenity.

A wall of water

Cactose Nature must have an important place in your Zen garden, this is why we invite you to discover this wall of water. More than a fountain, the wall of water imposes itself by its size and its design. Here, the model recalls a checkerboard and is made of natural materials.


Garden Choice To be well in your garden, you don't forget about comfort. Here you find a lounge chair as beautiful as it is comfortable. It's up to you to choose the cushions and throws that will go over it.

Shade sail

Sun and Vela Here is something that is becoming a must in gardens, and more particularly in Zen gardens. In addition to providing shade, these sails bring an aerial side to your garden and in addition they come in various colors.


Stefano Giovannoni Here is a round garden furniture to adopt for a Zen atmosphere. We love the wooden terrace which magnifies the elements and the cactus which contrasts with the balloon aspect of the seats and the table.


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