10 functional tables for small spaces

10 functional tables for small spaces

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In small spaces, every square inch counts, and students know that. We then intelligently choose all the furniture in our apartment and more particularly the tables: bedside, for dining, for work ... A quick overview of creations for studios and small apartments.

A chest table

Fly In front of the sofa, or near the bed, we choose a table that combines storage and a flat surface. In metal for a vintage effect, we can also recycle a toy chest for a return to childhood atmosphere.

A storage table

Alinéa A more classic table format: four legs and a worktop. But the added value of this comes from its integrated storage: under the work plan, binders and other files find their place, above, boxes for small objects lying around.

A hide-and-seek table

Paragraph For dinner or for work, we deploy this table which plays hide and seek the rest of the day. Practical and discreet, she knows how to make herself useful when needed.

An office in the living room

Ikéa Small spaces are often synonymous with multi-functionality. Here we find the office and the living room in the same space, as well as the bedroom. A little organization and a well thought out layout are enough to separate the spaces.

A dining table

Ikea The separation between the spaces can also be more concrete, as here with an open piece of furniture that serves as a delimitation between the dining room and the living room, but also a library for a few books or a storage unit for plates and cutlery.

A table for drawing

Ikéa We choose a table suited to his work: the artists will appreciate the built-in pots, useful for storing a few pencils. Below, we have notebooks and papers for working. Despite a small area, we can organize ourselves accordingly.

A bedside table

Ikéa Positioned near the bed, it allows you to put a bedside lamp and an alarm clock, as well as your phone turned off for the night. Practical, it also includes one or more drawers to store some things to keep under the elbow: charger, camera, glasses, books ...

A table for television

Ikéa In addition to being design and supporting television, we choose it with plenty of storage space so as not to lose space. Remote controls, DVD player and other "box" for internet are nestled in a corner, as well as the TV program and some files. Space saving guaranteed!

A table on wheels

Jennifer Johner / Ikéa Elegant trolley or utility storage, it can be moved to all corners of the apartment and allows you to quickly store what is lying around. You can put study materials or kitchen utensils there.


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