Customize the house with the poetic universe of Invasions Ephémères

Customize the house with the poetic universe of Invasions Ephémères

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Born from the imagination of Pierre-Yves Toudic and the style of Sofia Antonovich, the Invasions Ephémères have been investing in our interiors since 2005. If the poetic universe of the brand started with car stickers, today we can almost revamp the whole Eiffel Tower house, butterflies and parrots. Demonstration in pictures.

Useful walls

Les Invasions Ephémèress So that you too can express yourself through the brand's stickers, choose a "slate" model on which you can write with chalk! It is practical and very decorative!

Household appliance stickers

Les Invasions Ephémèress So that the smallest accessory in our interior takes on a decorative look, the Invasions Ephémères also offer their bucolic designs for household appliances. Your dishwasher may well be very decorative.

Poetic stickers

Les Invasions Ephémèress So that the bucolic universe of the brand settles in all your interior, distill some butterflies in lace on your walls. The result is original and very delicate.

Stickers for stools

Les Invasions Ephémèress What if you revamp your simple stools to give them a unique design? Sofia Antonovich had the idea of ​​affixing a sticker that imitates vinyls on your pop stool. The result is all the more trendy.

Stickers for computer keyboards

Les Invasions Ephémèress A little nature on your technological devices, it's possible! You just have to put a sticker on your computer keyboard to escape by tapping the keys.

Potholders for the kitchen

Les Invasions Ephémèress We don't just stop at stickers and we also offer accessories that allow us to continue poetry. Even to take out pretty desserts from the oven, we equip ourselves with a pot holder where the birds bloom.

Revisited tea towels

Les Invasions Ephémèress To continue in the kitchen, you will also find very decorative tea towels to display as much as to use!

Original placemats

Les Invasions Ephémèress We go to the table with this incredible trompe l'oeil table set which lets us imagine that the table is already set with its silver cutlery and a very delicate old plate.

A poetic cushion

Les Invasions Ephémèress Finally, to enhance the sofa or a simple armchair, you will find a wide range of very original cushions. Flowers, birds and other butterflies are on the program!


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