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Decryption of the design office

Decryption of the design office

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This week, Sophie Ferjani and Thomas Lecointe's mission is to bring big ideas into a small space by creating a design office. The design evokes a very minimalist, refined universe and it is in this spirit that the decoration envelope will be implemented. White, lacquer and mineral colors will be the hallmarks of the office decoration. We will find this notion of refinement in the lines of the furniture which will be minimalist and straight. The additional tip: the office is double-function by hosting a sofa bed to transform into a guest bedroom.

Step 1: paint the walls

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions We start by painting all the walls of the room in white.

Step 2: put stickers on the doors

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions On the cupboards, we put on white lacquered adhesive vinyl giving the feeling of having very luxurious doors while it is only the original doors that were covered by removing bubbles from 'air. On these shelves we also place small aluminum bars, design elements that punctuate and bring a very linear side.

Laying shelves design office decor

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions Step n ° 3: placing the shelves We continue to beat the wall, placing the shelves in a different material than what we are used to doing. The invisible fixing shelves are fixed by forming a slightly sculpted wave. The shelves are fixed in this way, relative to the desk next to it, which allows everything to be carried by hand. The long shelves at the top allow you to store lots of documentation and books. We left a big void to be able to project images on the wall. We created a bench with a shelf at the bottom which is again very practical to accommodate all kinds of documents.

Thomas sophie led strip

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions Step n ° 4: fix LEDs To avoid leaving white on white without reminder, we fixed a strip of double-sided adhesive LEDs all along the shelves to bring light in discretion and always with this design side.

Step 5: set up the sofa

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions On the wall opposite the shelves, we have placed a gray sofa which breaks down into two small armchairs and which can also make a double bed.

Step 6: go to plexiglass

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions We are now going transparent, with a transparent black printed glass board reminiscent of the Marseille MUCEM. In connection with this plexiglass, we add a plexiglass chair for the office and we allow ourselves a bigger budget for two chairs by known designers.

White design office overhead projector

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions Step n ° 7: install the overhead projector The wall in front of the sofa has been intentionally left entirely white, in order to be able to project the image of an overhead projector. The idea: to receive people and organize conferences!

Step 8: Accessorize

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions Then it's time to furnish and accessorize. An original lamp, pencil holders… we stay on the idea of ​​minimalism.

A design office that has it all

Teva Deco / D'Home Productions Once the work is done, all you have to do is enjoy it!