Headboard with bars for a retro children's room

Headboard with bars for a retro children's room

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By dint of doing only his head, the headboard is found behind bars! A new look that she wears rather well since it vaguely reminds us of that of the models of yesteryear ... In the loulous room, we fall for this absolutely barred version "retro".

Soft bars

La Redoute ### At the two ends of the bed, wisely aligned steel tubes are tinged with a soft celestial blue color that fills the room with tenderness.

Poetic bars

La Redoute ### This sofa bed is surrounded by metal bars from the foot to the headboard, alternating them one in three with pretty hearts. When retro style meets poetry…

Red bullfighter bars

Maisons du Monde ### From the top of its bright red bars, the headboard seems to preside over the bedroom. The idea? Boost the decor by relying on a mixture of workshop style and retro style.

Black bars

Serendipity ### From the top of its silhouette made up of black bars, the headboard reveals its masculine and characteristic side which injects a hell of a notch into the child's bedroom.

Romantic bars

Maisons du Monde ### On this soft sofa bed, the two ends serving as headboards have chosen wrought iron bars, loop finishes and rounded lines. A romantic bias that should appeal to little girls!

Open heart bars

Maisons du Monde ### Clearly, the bars have hearts! This is what this four-poster children's bed reveals, whose wrought iron structure including the headboard, balances between straight bars and small hearts.

Industrial bars

La Redoute ### Combining the design of yesteryear with industrial inspiration, this headboard made of anthracite gray bars gives notch to the starry decor of the bedroom.

Seaside bars

Maisons du Monde ### Traditional as a seaside decor or traditional as a decor of yesteryear? Both ! It is indeed the choice of these two white headboards whose high bars give a prestigious relief to the sleeping area.

Neon pink bars

Serendipity ### What little girl can remain indifferent to this headboard with neon pink bars? If nicely tinted, the bed of yesteryear becomes trendy and trendy, and above all, it stands out remarkably…