The bathroom is inspired by the living room

The bathroom is inspired by the living room

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Because the bathroom is a room where you spend a lot of time, you might as well arrange it so that it is comfortable. Also, why not take inspiration from the living room to create a cocooning bathroom with a few armchairs or a small sofa? Demonstration in pictures.

A chair for decoration

Aubade Know that by adding an original chair in your bathroom, you will create a unique decor, as here with this black model which gives a very rock side to the whole room.

A small boudoir

Lapeyre If you want to give a feminine atmosphere to your room, choose a comfortable armchair with a small pedestal table where to put your personal belongings.

A chair for the guide

Aquamass Because it is sometimes pleasant for someone to keep us company when we take a bath, we have an armchair near the bathtub. A piece of furniture that is also very useful for monitoring children.

A relaxation area

Aubade To create a living room in your bathroom, for example, you can visually demarcate the space by opting for a soft carpet that will invite you to relax.

Poufs for a graphic style

Aubade To decorate the bathroom while providing it with comfortable seating, we think of using very decorative poufs like these knitted models which are very trendy.

A bench space

Mobalpa To sit down for a few minutes while putting on a homemade mask or manicure, why not place a bench against a bathroom wall. It will not take up much space and can be used for storage.

A lounge chair

Mobalpa To relax as much as possible in the bathroom, take inspiration from travel themes! You can for example install a lounge chair to enjoy a moment just for you.

A design armchair

Mobalpa If your bathroom is designer, know that you can create a small lounge without disrupting all your decor. You will then bet on an armchair with clean and original lines.

A warm bathroom

Aubade Finally, to give a living room look to your bathroom, you can use the living room codes. For example, lay carpet in your bathroom for a very cocooning style.


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