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A weekend in Colmar

A weekend in Colmar

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It is often said of Colmar that it is the most Alsatian of the cities of Alsace, so if you only leave for a weekend in this beautiful region, put your bags in this city with picturesque charms which will reveal you, from the first glance, architectural and cultural, wine and gastronomic treasures. Charming address book for a charming weekend!

Spacious bathrooms for relaxation

Hostellerie du Château The bathrooms accompanying the rooms of this 3-star hotel are spacious (they have a bathtub) and very nicely decorated with colorful Italian tiles; they will be as many wellness areas that you will enjoy using.

Homage to traditional Alsace at the L'Alcôve gîte

Bed and Breakfast L'Alcôve For a family weekend, you can rent this traditional charming cottage within the ramparts of Eguisheim. Its very facade, with its red coating and its half-timbered blue cladding paying homage to traditional Alsatian prints, foreshadows the warm atmosphere that reigns inside this house.

Honor wood for a natural atmosphere

Bed and Breakfast L'Alcôve The renovation of this 1656 house was carried out in a very natural spirit. Wood is honored there through the furniture, the floor, the half-timbering, the wall paneling. You will also appreciate the softness of the patinas and old-fashioned paintings on the walls.

Refinement of the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles at the Hostellerie Le Maréchal

Hostellerie Le Maréchal Here is a real charming hostellerie in the heart of Colmar, in "Little Venice". This imposing 16th century building houses magnificent Louis XV or Louis XVI style rooms, for a weekend like at the château.

Authenticity, elegance and modern comfort

Hostellerie Le Maréchal Hostellerie Le Maréchal offers 30 spacious and refined rooms. The decor is personalized for each of them but the general atmosphere is always elegant and romantic. Authenticity and comfort of current technology for your well-being.

Little Venice before your eyes at A L'Echevin restaurant

Restaurant A l'Echevin At the Hostellerie Le Maréchal, you can also taste a creative and gourmet gourmet cuisine. You will enjoy a very pleasant terrace overlooking the water, the "little Venice" before your eyes, picturesque and delicious.

Modern decor, contemporary flavors at L'Atelier du peintre

L'Atelier du peintre restaurant - Paul dodds picture During your visit to the historic center of Colmar, you will stop at the "L'Atelier du peintre" restaurant to taste fine, subtle and contemporary cuisine, just like the modern decoration honoring certain great painters.


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