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50 decorative ideas for an oriental wedding

50 decorative ideas for an oriental wedding

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The Orient and its mysteries, its warm and exotic colors, its warm and cozy atmosphere ... Have you fallen for the oriental theme as a common thread but have not yet found the perfect decor that will illustrate this exceptional day? Between diversity of Eastern cultures and traditions, has the answers to your questions by offering you a nice trip between Maghreb and East Asia. Demonstration in pictures.

Maghreb wedding: set the scene

Aaron Delesie Photographer Placed in large pots or in colorful baskets, exotic plants such as banana trees or papyrus will help create an oasis-like feel in an oriental-style house. So don't hesitate to use and abuse it! Source: Style me pretty

Maghreb wedding: live in color

Serendipity designs Who says Maghreb wedding says rich and varied color palettes. Colors that will create a friendly atmosphere for magic to operate on D-Day. For a Tunisian wedding, play the contrast with deep blue and white, which echo the sea and the sky, and, warm the atmosphere with touches of warmer colors, conducive to a change of scenery. Source: Serendipity designs

Maghreb wedding: bright colors

Exquisite weddings Conversely, to recreate a Moroccan atmosphere, favor warm tones: purple, orange color… embellished with small touches of green or turquoise. Anyway, play with the nuances and avoid the total look! Source: Exquisite weddings

Maghreb wedding: Berber carpets

Cluney Photo Fabrics in rich colors with complex textures and patterns that are typical of Maghreb decoration, lay out on the floor a carpet or several elaborate rugs that will allow you to make a remarkable entrance during the ceremony. Source: Style me pretty

Maghreb wedding: aim for low furniture

Aaron Delesie Photographer In oriental decoration, importance is given to low furniture which will create an intimate and reassuring atmosphere. Source: Style me pretty

Maghreb wedding: a warm atmosphere

Thorne Artistry Sideboards, a heavy, fluffy rug and a coffee table will be ideal for your oriental wedding decor. Rather than a sofa, opt for comfortable benches, conducive to discussions. Forget also the armchairs and scatter beanbags, large and cozy cushions on the floor. Change of scenery guaranteed! Source: Wedding Colors

Maghreb wedding: "spice souk" atmosphere

Wedding colors What would an oriental wedding be without the essential Berber tent. Installed here and there, they will offer guests spaces for relaxation that are reminiscent of the traditional habitat of the nomadic tribes from the Middle Atlas to the Sahara. Evoking the sweetness of life in North Africa, they will certainly add a mysterious touch to your magical decor. Source: Wedding Colors

Maghreb wedding: the seat of brides

Wedding Chicks - The Lane For your oriental wedding, you will obviously not be able to ignore the iconic groom's throne. In richly carved wood or woven wicker, the seats will help recreate a decor of the thousand and one nights when Princess Shéhérazade reveals her wonderful outfits and adornments to her evening guests! Source: Wedding Chicks & The Lane

Magreb wedding: bring a touch of authenticity

Anna Roussos The detail that makes the difference you expected, here it is: a hookah! Arranged in the center of each table, they will bring an exotic touch to your party decor. Also consider having a flask filled with orange blossom essence or another perfume with a delicate and padded odor and a cup of water sprinkled with jasmine flowers. Source: The Frosted Petticoat

Maghreb wedding: opt for the metallic

Bespoke-bride In Moroccan and Tunisian decoration, objects made of nickel silver, copper alloy, zinc and nickel, large metal dishes, silvered or hammered copper are popular. Combine them with vibrant colors, ornate furniture and decorative accessories and soft lighting to reach the perfect interior oasis. Source: Bespoke-bride

Magreb wedding: the importance of lighting

Elizabeth Anne Designs - Jet Fete As you can see, what we seek above all in an oriental wedding is a cozy atmosphere. Also, the golden rule is to bet on indirect lighting. Do not forget also to multiply the candles and lanterns which will bring a soft and warm light, in the evening. Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs & Jet Fete

Maghreb wedding: A traditional lantern

Very adorable - Ahhhlala Have you decided to place your marriage under the sign of Morocco? Needless to say, you cannot ignore the traditional lanterns. Straight out of a Marrakchi souk, these will quickly become the essential accessory that will brighten up your wedding in the evening! Source: Very adorable & Ahhhlala

Maghreb wedding: An immaculate lantern

Romantic Weddings - Hazelwood photography If oriental weddings generally rely on the diversity of colors and the alliance of warm colors, know that to create a more modern atmosphere, you can completely combine these colors with white. White lantern or immaculate dishes, the choice is yours! Source: Ruffled & Romantic Weddings

Maghreb wedding: an urn and a guest book

The Foxtrotter Perfect for collecting the thoughts of your family and friends, do not overlook an urn and a guest book with an oriental motif. Fuchsia, orange and gold or turquoise, anything goes! Source: The Foxtrotter

Maghreb wedding: henna inspiration

Amy Atlas Temporary tattoos have been a hit for several seasons now and obviously find a place of choice in an oriental wedding. Initially intended for Muslim women for religious purposes, they will be used for food for the occasion. Source: Amy Atlas

Maghreb wedding: intoxicating scents

We share ideas The right scents can instantly connect the spirit to Moroccan bazaars and give your oriental wedding the perfect finishing touch. Choose colorful flowers, candles, Moroccan incense or rich fragrance diffusers with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, or exotic spices. Source: We share ideas

Asian wedding: a modern and Zen escape

Weddingism If the traditional Asian interior has been on the rise in recent years, Asian weddings have not been outdone. Want to get away from the daily grind and bring a Japanese touch to your wedding? Immediate boarding to the land of the rising sun where simplicity, tranquility and balance reign. Source: Duitang

Asian wedding: a predominant color, intense red

Claudia Hung weddings Synonymous with luck and happiness, red is the color dedicated to popular celebrations, so why not use it on your wedding day? On your table decor or as a backdrop, combine it with black or white to give your festivities an atmosphere reminiscent of traditional Asia. Source: Weddbook

Asian wedding: the choice of colors

Kym Ventola Photography Asian decoration is distinguished from other styles by its diversity in colors. We find, for decorative objects, a complex mixture of red, orange, gray, brown, yellow, white, sea green, beige, turquoise, purple, gold. In short, a great mix of colors that will stand out with somewhat monochrome weddings! Source: Style me pretty

Asian wedding: gilding

Picotte Weddings Gilding is very present in the Asian style. They symbolize wealth, health, longevity and eternity so do not hesitate to make them a key element of your decor. For more originality, also think of mixing styles in order to bring personality to your Asian decor. Source: Style me pretty

Asian marriage: between order and purity

Jasmine Star Japan and China are known for their thoroughness. On the table, the dishes are no exception. For the occasion, you will opt for a sober and elegant table decor made of harmonious angles and curves. Source: Jasmine Star

Asian wedding: soft hues

Wedding Inspirasi - Etsy Do you dream of a Zen wedding with a minimalist and refined inspiration? Adopt a natural and soothing style by favoring pastel shades. More than any other style, the Zen decor requires a harmonious association of colors: no more than four and always in natural tones. Source: Wedding stuff ideas & Casa Direito

Asian wedding: exotic prints

Cherries Rich in colors and textures, the Asian style evokes travel, exoticism, calm, comfort, lightness and elegance. Also, washi paper, traditional Japanese paper has its place. As a tablecloth or diverted to the original place mark, it will bring a colorful note to your decor. Source: Morello cherries

Asian wedding: the Kokeshi trend

Boutik trend The Japanese style inspires decoration trends more than ever. The example of the Kokeshis, these miniature manga-style characters, testify to this! Evocative of gaiety and sweetness, they will easily find their place on your wedding tables. Source: Tendik Boutik

Asian wedding: mineral inspiration

Unveiled style - Trendy Wedding blog Traditional elements used by the Japanese for their interior decoration, the pebbles bring D-Day an impression of purity and zenitude. Diverted into place cards, they will give a very refreshing mineral and minimalist touch to your wedding decor. Source: Style unveiled & Trendy Wedding blog

Asian wedding: bring in nature

Weddbook - Arabia Weddings The association of nature in an Asian marriage is essential. So plant bonsai or put bamboo on your table. Source: Weddbook & Arabia Weddings

Asian wedding: a material, bamboo

The wedding belle - Mirelle Carmichael Photography For a Zen and Asian wedding at the same time, call on the queen material of the genre: bamboo. It mixes with all shades while keeping a natural spirit and will bring an exotic note on your wedding day. Source: The wedding belle & Style me pretty

Asian wedding: dare the lanterns

Wedding decorations - Pellmell creations Lights have an important role in Asian decoration, lanterns, lanterns and other candles will tend to dim your space while bringing a very warm touch. So don't hesitate to mix colors, shapes and combine several sizes. Source: Wedding decorations - Pellmell creations

Asian wedding: the time of cherries

Fab you bliss No need to go to Japan to enjoy the cherry blossom. Symbols of ephemeral beauty, these pretty flowers will be elegantly installed on your wedding tableware or on your menu to bring a poetic touch that comes at the right time. Source: Fab you bliss

Asian marriage: the culture of the fan

Vicki Grafton Photography - BHLDN In the East, the fan represents a social status, a hierarchy unlike Westerners who look like a fashion accessory. Also, for a wedding placed under the theme of Asia it will easily find its place. Traditional Japanese fan or more contemporary, it's all about taste! Source: Style me pretty & BHLDN

Asian wedding: the Buddha statue

Arabian Tent - Ruffled Zen, clear and refined, the Asian decoration is as much an invitation to travel as to relaxation. Supported by disciplines such as yoga, meditation and even feng-shui, this style is gaining ground in Western countries and is even found in our weddings. To transport your wedding to the land of the rising sun, scatter here and there statues of Buddha. Source: Arabian Tent & Ruffled

Asian wedding: the traditional Japanese umbrella

Sean & Amanda Photography Renowned for its delicate beauty and the finesse of its manufacture, it is impossible to overlook the emblematic Wagasa umbrella used on popular festivities such as tea ceremony, weddings, kabuki theater on your wedding day. or dance. Source: Online opportunities

Asian marriage: let yourself be seduced by origami

Ernestine and her family - Madelines Weddings Coming straight from Japan, the origami style is based on the famous paper folding technique. For your Asian wedding, these aesthetic and practical paper accessories will blend perfectly with your decor. Source: The bridge next door - Madelines Weddings

Asian marriage: the traditional crane

Colin Cowie weddings - The Wedding Artist's Collective The crane is the most famous traditional origami model in Japan. Symbol of longevity, it will therefore naturally find its place on the day of your wedding. To complete your Zen decor, hang here and there a few cranes which will have the advantage of bringing an airy and poetic touch to your space. Source: Colin Cowie weddings & Style me pretty

Asian wedding: opt for traditional accessories

Sean & Amanda Photography Asian countries often make you dream because of their accessories and unique and original decoration which conveys an image of serenity and traditional culture. Decorative accessories in calligraphy or in bronze will find their place particularly nicely. Source: Online opportunities

Asian wedding: the Chinese dragon

Claudia Hung Weddings - Duitang A powerful symbol of favorable power in Chinese culture and art, the Chinese dragon is the personification of the concept of yang and associated with water. On your piece-mounted or as a centerpiece it will bring an exotic and exotic touch to your wedding. Source: Jiahehl & Duitang

Asian wedding: pink and brown

Fab you bliss Exit red, black or gold! To bring a modern touch to your wedding decor, bet on the alliance of pink and brown. Soft and natural colors that will give a soothing touch to the space. Source: Fab you bliss

Asian wedding: an ode to nature

Jana Morgan Photography - Steve Cowell Nature plays a major role in Asian decoration. So don't hesitate to bring bonsai, bamboo, yucca or dragon tree trees into your table setting. Source: Style me pretty - Style me pretty

Asian wedding: lotus flowers

Etsy - Dreamy wedding ideas To create a Zen atmosphere on your wedding day and regain your inner peace, place some objects inspired by the lotus flower such as candles or ring holders. Source: Etsy & Dreamy wedding ideas

Indian wedding: a wedding of a thousand and one colors

Maharani Weddings Since the cinema made in Bollywood has met with such success, Indian decorations have also made their arrival in our wedding decorations. Warm and spicy tones, silky and colorful fabrics, pretty golden embroidery, welcome to India. Source: Maharani Weddings

Indian wedding: a symbol

Heather Waraksa & Dave Robbins Photography - Ruffled When we talk about India, a host of symbols and images come to mind. India is a particularly believing country where ancestral traditions and objects of worship combine with a contemporary and refined style. Many small objects such as statuettes and elephant sculptures represent the country. Do not hesitate to install them in your party decor! Source: Style me pretty (// = Feed: + typepad / style_me_pretty + (Style + Me + Pretty: + The + Ultimate + Wedding + Blog)) & Ruffled

Indian wedding: when kitsch becomes chic

Hostess with the mostess Indian decor has no equal to make us travel with just a few objects. And with it, kitsch becomes chic! To customize your wedding in Indian fashion, you dare the "Indian remix" method, which is to give life to objects by color. If Indian decoration allows you to bring your space to life thanks to multiple colors and pigments, it is better to limit yourself so as not to create a sanctuary side. Source: Hostess with the mostess

Indian wedding: warm and exotic atmosphere

Celebrations at home If you are opting for an Indian wedding, choose a warm color palette. You can start from the purple, tangerine orange, beige and brown side. One watchword, combine them properly and avoid the total look! Source: Celebrations at home

Indian wedding: bold colors

Asian Wedding Ideas India is a source of inspiration for brides and grooms in search of intoxicating flavors and colorful wonders. Also, to give an exotic touch to your party you will favor vibrant colors such as green, blue, red, orange, or purple which will immerse you in a cheerful and attractive universe. You will complete the whole thing with a few touches of gold. Source: Asian Wedding Ideas

Indian wedding: abundant fabrics

Kimberly photography A wedding on the theme of Bollywood is also a profusion of fabrics with silk, cotton or cashmere. Hang them on the ceiling by multiplying, superimposing and decorating them with golden or silver threads. Source: Kimberly photography

Indian wedding: orange and saffron

The wedding notebook Among Hindus, all of life is a ritual and colors therefore have a very special meaning. Very popular in India, the orange and the saffron color, sacred color of Hinduism, will harmonize perfectly with your theme. Source: The wedding notebook

Indian wedding: a flowery decoration

One love photography If there is one element that characterizes Indian weddings, it is flowers. As an integral part of the bride and groom's clothes, decoration and rituals, flowers play a fundamental role in the wedding tradition, so they will ideally decorate your space on D-Day. Source: Style me pretty

Indian wedding: rose petals

Weddbook Rose petals are widely present during Indian weddings and can accompany several moments of the religious ceremony. Placed on the floor during the ceremony or to decorate the table setting, roses are a key element of Indian wedding decoration. Source: Weddbook

Indian wedding: luxurious prints

Wedding chicks It is impossible to create an Indian wedding decor without thinking of the prints that will give an exotic and original touch to your space. We advise you to opt for example for the ikat print, with splendid designs and colors. Source: Wedding chicks

Indian wedding: place in the woods

Aaron Delesie Finally, for a perfect Indian decor, you must surround yourself with colonial style wooden furniture, if possible carved with oriental motifs. Of course, you can buy them while bargain hunting. But the ideal will be to give a second life to your old furniture by painting them. Source: Style me pretty