10 ideas for an interior decor worthy of a New York loft

10 ideas for an interior decor worthy of a New York loft

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Living without partitions seems more than ever to be part of current lifestyle trends and desires. After the immense success of American kitchens, it is the turn of all spaces to open onto each other. The living room, the dining room or the bedroom coexist in very large rooms to become one. And to decorate everything, we put on raw materials, wood and sober colors ... Here are 10 ingredients for a successful loft style.

Raw appearance

BoConcept The bedroom lends itself very well to the loft style provided you use a few essential elements: rough walls and floors, minimalist design, sober colors, use of wood and metal… this space has it all!

Natural soil

Maisons du Monde You have just moved into an old factory that has now been rehabilitated, but you don't know what to put on the ground? Do not panic, you can just leave it as it is, its concrete appearance is very decorative.

Delimitation of spaces

Ikéa This loft-style kitchen is fortunate to have a very beautiful red brick wall. But to delimit this space of the lounge area, we play with an electric blue paint on the sides of the living room. Open spaces, yes, defining them well visually it works too!

No door

BoConcept In this interior, there is no need for a door to delimit the spaces that have a lot of fun with the m2. Only the color of the furniture is responsible for giving each room a very specific tone.

A brick wall

Maisons du Monde Typical of the superb Brooklyn lofts that make us dream so much, this brick wall subtly adorns this room with industrial and colorful furniture. Here the style is complete and our suggestion box full.

Large open space

Mobalpa Entrance, kitchen, dining room, living room, here all these rooms are combined in one and the same space Friendly, airy, practical, sober, the loft style has everything to please!

Large windows

BoConcept No way to condemn one or more of the large windows that structure your apartment. They undoubtedly bring the light that everyone dreams of in your living room.

A canopy

Mobalpa You are lucky to have a glass roof but you do not know how to enhance it? Install a superb brown and refined kitchen below, or even your living room… it's as simple as that!

A large open bedroom

Maisons du Monde No partition, also means that the bedroom shares space with the living room or even the kitchen. To create a little corner of privacy all the same, you can use an industrial style screen at bedtime.


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