When the decor is sweet ...

When the decor is sweet ...

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The house has become over the decades a real bulwark against the aggressions of the outside world. Quieter, more comfortable, it is also softer thanks to the choice of colors and materials. Garish tones and synthetic materials, cold and aggressive, now give way to natural materials and delicate fabrics. Fur, lace, linen, wood, pastel tones… are all textures and colors that soften our daily lives and soothe the atmosphere! gives you the keys to a cozy and mellow interior… to be consumed without moderation.

Delicate fabrics

Zara Home The softness of a beautiful interior is first of all a question of materials. In decoration, we favor noble and delicate fabrics (linen, lace, wool ...) which bring a touch of chic and charm to an overly rigid interior.

A soft carpet

La Redoute It is the essential touch to a soft and warm interior. We choose it in a loop version, in wool or as here in braided mesh for a very cocooning result.

We take care of the lighting

Original BTC Two golden rules for a soft interior: multiply the sources of light and banish overly aggressive lighting (halogen, led ...). Dispatch several small table and reading lamps in the room to dim the light and soothe the atmosphere: Zen effect guaranteed!

Powdery tones

Graham & brown Exit bright and aggressive colors, make way for neutral and powdery shades! The coherence of a room also requires a harmonious choice of colors that blend perfectly with each other (pastel shades, shades of beige, variations of gray, etc.).

Focus on soft accessories

Heytens We use and abuse plaids, rugs and cushions with soft and luxurious materials, to rhyme softness and comfort! Always in neutral tones, do not hesitate to test the fake fur, the alpaca or even the felt for your decorative accessories.

Favor the natural

Ikea In this room, simplicity is the order of the day: light-colored wood, palette of pastel blues, natural materials ... We approve of the choice of colors that capture the light and bring a serene atmosphere to the room.

A bucolic touch

The Collection To be used sparingly so as not to fall into the total "fifille" look, accessories and bucolic patterns are a good option for softening an interior that is too strict. Let your "beautiful fields" side speak!

Neutral tones

Farrow & Ball We use and abuse muted tones (putty, water green, moon dust…). Timeless, they immediately soothe any interior provided they are mixed with complementary colors for a harmonious result.

Retro wallpaper

Maisons du Monde Retro wallpaper, often sprinkled with floral and rounded patterns, nicely colors a bedroom or living room with a touch of old-fashioned charm. The atmosphere is sweetly sweet in this room full of candor imagined by Maisons du Monde.


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