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Diesel x Seletti: discover the collection

Diesel x Seletti: discover the collection

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When two Italian brands join forces for a collection, the result can only be explosive! The collaboration between Diesel and Seletti intends to make an impression at the start of 2015 by offering two capsule collections for the table, inspired by the world of space and that of mechanics. "Machine" and "Cosmic Diner" revisit traditional dishes with a lot of humor, diverting the codes from an aesthetic that is familiar to us. The two internationally renowned houses have put all their know-how and talent at the service of tableware, for meals that promise to be devilishly design! An anthology in pictures.

Mechanical plates

Diesel / Seletti The success of the "Machine" collection lies in a subtle blend of details and materials enhanced by a very contemporary aesthetic. These notched plates, like an echo to the discs of a circular saw, are a perfect example!

Screws and nuts sit at the table

Diesel / Seletti These pretty white porcelain containers constitute an ironic and offbeat rereading of ordinary objects which, once transfigured, become elegant objects. The table takes on new dimensions and surprises guests.

Transparent screws

Diesel / Seletti Love at first sight for this pretty series of imitation construction screws! Once again, the Diesel x Seletti collection reminds us of the heyday of the industrial era with its universe of tools and assembly lines, true symbols of booming modernity.

The sublimated coffee

Diesel / Seletti Diesel & Seletti have reviewed and corrected each element that orchestrates a successful meal, and coffee cups are no exception to the rule! With these immaculate industrial mugs - which in addition go to the microwave and the dishwasher for easy everyday use - the two Italian houses have demonstrated that luxury is not an exceptional affair and that it can savor each day of the year.

A successful collaboration

Diesel / Seletti It is not the first time that two brands have joined forces to merge their respective know-how: Paul & Joe x Madura, Muji x Merci or even Jean Paul Gaultier x Roche Bobois, have already demonstrated in the past that design and fashion go well together. For this capsule collection, the two Italian houses wanted to show that a high quality in the manufacture of products, passion and flair, allow to go resolutely forward by creating objects designed as works of art.

Chic candle holders

Diesel / Seletti After Diesel jeans, perfumes, sofas, chairs and lamps, the Italian fashion giant continues its ascent in the world of decoration. With these new candlesticks called "Transmission", the table takes on rock and almost Gothic looks!

From one universe to another

Diesel / Seletti Clou from the Machine collection, the cutlery in the form of tools is a concentrate of humor and poetry! But the collaboration between Diesel and Seletti did not stop at the mechanical world: the two brands pushed their creativity beyond the stratosphere with another capsule collection mischievously titled "Cosmic Diner".

A new aesthetic

Diesel / Seletti The Cosmic Diner range is a skilful mixture of colors, which dot the plates giving them the appearance of planets. With the help of a dark tablecloth, you can recreate the galaxy on the table and create a setting that will appeal to young and old alike!

Divert the everyday

Diesel / Seletti All the objects in the Machine and Cosmic Diner capsule collections were created with the aim of bringing a new, fresh and offbeat look to tableware, which is sometimes a little too conventional. Have fun, this will be the watchword for 2015!