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Vinyl floors: discover our selection

Vinyl floors: discover our selection

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For small budgets, the vinyl floor is ideal and this in all rooms of the house. If you still doubt it, we will prove to you that this material has incredible imitation abilities. Modern, easy to install and above all easy to live with, vinyl or PVC flooring also offers a wide choice of colors and patterns. The proof in pictures with this selection of 30 coatings, combining technology and trend.

Travel Travel !

Fashion Mum Blog The Fashion Mum blogger opted for an urban vinyl floor in her dining room. As its name suggests, it represents the map of the city of New York. Change of scenery guaranteed. "Map of New York City" by Tarkett. Source: Fashion Mom Blog

A tiled imitation

Gerflor The Sevilla model from Gerflor gives us the impression of being faced with tiles. And yet, no, it is a vinyl roll. Less restrictive in terms of maintenance and much less expensive, it has a small effect! "Sevilla" model from Gerflor.

A woven effect floor

Leroy Merlin You want the comfort of a fabric floor, less cleaning? Opt for this woven effect vinyl floor. The texture is quite stunning and you will not have to keep cleaning your floor, especially if it is in your children's room. "Natural look" model at Leroy Merlin.

A remarkable imitation parquet

Tarkett Parquet, as we know, is quite expensive. If you are renovating a bedroom or living room, it can take quite a chunk of the budget. A good alternative is to use a PVC floor that perfectly mimics the grooves of wood like this model. "Starfloor Click" model at Tarkett.

A (false) ash parquet

Gerflor Without a children's room or an office, the gray shade is very trendy. On the ground, it can result in a vinyl covering that looks like mottled parquet. Combine it with wooden furniture and linens in the same colors. "Primetex Fabrik Gray" model from Gerflor.

Vinyl in the bathroom

Gerflor We don't always think about it but vinyl also finds its place in the bathroom. Easy to clean, these self-adhesive vinyl tiles are very practical for small spaces and can imitate the parquet in the bathroom, which gives a more luxurious style to the room. "Senso Urban" model from Gerflor.

Wood imitation patterns

Tarkett Just because you have an imitation parquet vinyl floor doesn't mean that it cannot have a specific pose like conventional parquet floors. The proof, this model perfectly imitates the Hungarian point - the pose that we find in Parisian Haussmann apartments. "240 Haussmann" model at Tarkett.

A metal effect in an office

Gerflor In a modern and refined room, like an office that needs to be refined enough to work well, the vinyl imitation metal floor is ideal. It goes very well with all styles of furniture and any color on the walls. "Primetex Aviator Zinc" model at Gerflor.

Colorful touches on the floor

Gerflor This vinyl covering gives the impression that white paint has been applied to the floor in small touches. Bright and contemporary, it will be highlighted more in front of a bay window or an opening that lets in natural light. "Patchwork Lame Senso Rustic" model from Gerflor.

A stunning style

Saint Maclou Hard to believe, but this superb oak parquet floor is actually a beautiful imitation. All vinyl, the coating of this contemporary house would surprise more than one. Simply amazing! "Planet" at Saint Maclou

We dare the flashy color

Tarkett Boost your interior by adopting colored vinyl! Thanks to its many shades, you vary styles according to trends. Its ultra simple installation allows you to change it when you want without constraint and in any room of the house. "Exclusive 200 Fabric" at Tarkett.

Printed black

Gerflor Obviously, you also make him take all the patterns according to your desires. Here, the floor is adorned with printed letters to bring a more industrial touch to your kitchen or your entry. "Dance" at Gerflor's

Chic and retro

Saint Maclou We like this imitation herringbone parquet floor, rather traditional. Because, yes, vinyl can take all aspects of wood, and this very beautiful imitation gives your interior a decor with a Scandinavian spirit, and a lot of elegance. "Country", Saint Maclou


Tarkett Still in a vintage spirit, we love this kitchen with its black and white vinyl floor. Always very practical for maintenance, he also knows how to show himself in his best attire. Here, in a checkered version, ideal for cooking. "Essential 240 Chessboard", Tarkett.

Like a real tile

Saint Maclou This floor made of self-adhesive vinyl tiles allows to obtain a very beautiful rendering and thus an imitation of almost perfect tiling. It is available in many colors of natural stone, sandstone or ceramic. "Urban character" at Gerflor's

Provencal atmosphere

Saint Maclou Like a patchwork of cement tiles straight out of the artisanal factories of the south, this vinyl roll reminds us of the floors of yesteryear. Composed of four decorations, it mixes geometric modernity with traditional printed scrolls. "Loft" at Saint Maclou

We take off

Gerflor In a fisherman's hut style, we love this vinyl floor with weathered patina. Nothing like a little sea air to change the decor. This trendy look also provides additional comfort thanks to an insulating textile backing. "Primetex Fisherman" at Gerflor's

Have fun !

Tarkett With vinyl flooring, anything is possible! Here again, we create a real play space for children with a circuit printed floor. Playful for a little boy, this floor is available in many other decors, which will also appeal to girls. "Exclusive 300 Play" at Tarkett

A little delicacy

Castorama Another style for a child's room! We put on a clear floor, imitation parquet. For a natural look that brings calm and softness to the baby world. "Texline Keywest" at Castorama

Vintage liberty

Around the Wall Another retro effect with this completely modern PVC floor. There are twelve varieties of this vinyl, each one prettier than the other. We completely crack! "Red Stars" and "Rose des Vents" at Around the Wall

Another parquet!

Haro But smart parquet! This vinyl imitation is composed of innovative materials and manufactured in the form of boards to thus reproduce the wood even in the laying. "Disano" at Haro

A little cheerfulness

Saint Maclou This resin-like floor gives color to your interior. Available in 17 colors, you choose the one you like for a pop and vitamin look. What give a little pep's to the kitchen for example. "Colors" at Saint Maclou

Waxed concrete

Saint Maclou Another flagship imitation of vinyl? Concrete. You then develop without any concern a loft in an industrial spirit while obviously avoiding the constraints of maintenance and even comfort. The dream ! "Luna", Saint Maclou

Like fabric

Dickson Always as surprising, vinyl also imitates fabric. Braided, more real than life, it takes on the appearance of textiles to give a very warm look to any room. Trompe-l'oeil guaranteed! "Be Easy" at Dickson

Graphic spirit

Harvey Maria Here the retro takes precedence once again but in its geometric version. The vinyl floor beautifully mimics the old cement tiles, which are available in pastel colors to give real style to an entry, kitchen or bathroom. A choice ! "Neisha Crosland" collection at Harvey Maria

Intense stone

Guilloré In an anthracite gray, this vinyl floor in natural stone style in no way spoils the contemporary style of this refined and sophisticated piece. Like what PVC also rhymes with sensitivity. "Pierre Girona" at Guilloré

Metallic effect

Leroy Merlin Always to play the industrial look card, vinyl also takes on metallic looks. An imitation for the eyes only, because when you touch it you forget the cold feeling of steel. Perfect for a rock look in a teenage bedroom! "Montpellier" at Leroy Merlin

A perfect imitation

Gerflor And the vinyl floor imitates parquet even better thanks to PVC strips which clip together to give, like laminate, one of the best effects. The illusion is almost total! "Sensoclic" at Gerflor's

A real performance

Gerflor A new generation of PVC flooring, thick and flexible, with its backing made of recycled fibers offers XXL comfort and above all effective sound insulation. Basically, all the benefits of a carpet, with the ease of maintenance and hygiene of the vinyl floor! "Home Comfort", Gerflor


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