Optimization of space in the child's bedroom: panorama

Optimization of space in the child's bedroom: panorama

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When the child's room is very small or when it accommodates two toddlers, tips should be used to intelligently optimize the space. Indeed, if the sleeping area is essential, the games and leisure area is just as essential. Make way for inspiration.

A loft bed

Alinéa ** One of the solutions to optimize the space in a small room, when you have a sufficiently high ceiling, is to opt for the mezzanine bed. Indeed, the bed is the furniture occupying the most space in a room. By placing it high, you gain precious square meters allowing the installation of an office or a play corner. **

Like clockwork!

Alinéa ** In a room where space for playing on the floor is limited, the roller bed is ideal. Normally motionless, the bed is pushed against the wall or against the cupboards when the child wishes to play. In the blink of an eye, its leisure and entertainment area has grown! **

A modular size bed

Les 3 Suisses ** Here is a bed that can be shrunk or enlarged as desired. With a sliding system, the end of the bed folds up during the day to save space and is pulled out at night so that the child sleeps comfortably there. **

Bunk bed

Alinéa ** Two children in the same room, this requires good space planning. In order not to clutter the room with two beds, we opt for a bunk bed. The rest of the space can thus be entirely dedicated to the playground! There are two who will be delighted. **


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