Toilets that don't lack originality

Toilets that don't lack originality

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Do you think the toilet looks the same? Certainly not on who invites you to discover original toilets that will create surprise in this small room where everyone is passing by.

Sculpture-style toilets

WTKM In these toilets, the bowl is suspended from a colored block which acts as decorative sculpture. It conceals the flush tank for more style.

Diverted toilets

WTKM When the toilet tank takes on the appearance of a jerry can, the decor of the toilets becomes a bit surreal. The toilets are therefore an integral part of the decor.

Country style toilets

WTKM Even more original, for a country spirit in the toilets, you can opt for this model whose toilet tank is none other than a milk jug with cow print.

Black toilets And if the toilets are almost always white, you can still opt for a black model that will play the ultra design card in your room and will not fail to be original.

Two-tone toilets If you can't decide between black and white, choose both! You can bet on a black bowl that dresses in a white flap for a traditional wink. The whole is then ultra-graphic.

Toilet with original shape These funny toilets are in fact a very complete module which also allows you to wash your hands. The whole is very design thanks to a harmonious curve.

Japanese toilets These funny toilets play the high tech card with electronic controls that offer great comfort. It is actually a Japanese toilet that has an integrated hand shower.