10 toilets unlike any other

10 toilets unlike any other

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Often left aside in terms of decoration, the toilets nevertheless deserve our full attention and also have the right to be tastefully decorated. So if you want to create a decor that throws it away and give pep's to your toilets, all in style, follow our 10 inspirations for original places of comfort, between vibrant colors, new themes and even film sets!

Yellow pop toilet

Leroy Merlin I want the sun! Is there a better way to bring in and reflect light than by dressing the walls in bright, sunny yellow? At the writing, we do not think. So for places that are both pop and fun, we urgently adopt the color yellow.

Futuristic toilets

Artceram Enter a new era with these futuristic toilets that are reminiscent of your favorite science fiction movies. Rounded shapes and elegant design give an impression of purity to the space. And to perfect it all, we opt for a very minimalist decor.

Apple green toilet

Leroy Merlin Granny Apple. Spring atmosphere in these apple green toilets. And not to stifle the space and avoid getting bored too quickly, we limit the color to three quarters of the wall. We add a few small colorful paintings, a small matching trash can, and presto, a stylish corner in two stages, three movements!

New York toilets

Leroy Merlin In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of… Notice to all lovers of the city who never sleeps and nostalgic for the Big Apple, here is a toilet decoration that should delight you: Yellow cab, bowl image of the Empire State Building, touches of yellow and black… You would think so, right?

Mandarin orange toilet

Ikea Want to give pep's and a touch of originality to your toilets? We advise you to adopt a toned orange hue, which will be enhanced with some skilfully dispersed pink notes. And here is a little corner that throws some.

Philosopher's toilet

Leroy Merlin For toilets that look just like you, dress the walls with press clippings, newspapers, and other punch lines that you particularly like. Add a quote sticker to the wall and voila!

Toilet Taxi Driver

Loobow You talkin 'to me? Warning the eyes ! These toilets will make all fans of the classic Martin Scorsese, I named… Taxi Driver of course! So take the game and, for a moment, step into the shoes of Robert de Niro.

French toilets

Leroy Merlin Cocorico! Chauvinistic friends from all walks of life, the editorial team invites you to discover these French Touch toilets urgently. They will make you see life in blue, white, red!

Pink and lime green toilets

Leroy Merlin Over here the color! These toilets are for color lovers who are not afraid of the eyes. From the bowl to the lime green toilet brush through the pink toilet paper, it's a ballet of colors that dazzles and enchants us.


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