10 little tips to optimize the kitchen

10 little tips to optimize the kitchen

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Put away the dishes, benefit from a large work plan, optimize travel… The kitchen must be organized! And it's not always easy when you lack space. So to help you, here are some easy tips to help you optimize your cooking.

Accessories under the furniture

Ikea In this well-equipped kitchen, we take advantage of a side table to have some accessories below. A small extra piece of furniture, a stool and a trash can then find their place.

A 2 in 1 work plan

Ikea To optimize space, we think of 2 in 1. So the dining area also becomes a work plan to save space during the preparation of dishes.

Storage space integrated into the island

Ikea To save space and play the decorative card, we integrate a few shelves in the island to store dishes and some decorative accessories.

A storage credenza

Aviva To optimize storage in the kitchen, we think of using the smallest space in this room. For example, you can use the splashback to store some kitchen accessories and always have them on hand.

A counter and a work plan

Paragraph If you are designing your kitchen, consider choosing smart furniture that will allow you to optimize the use of the kitchen. We think for example of this type of kitchen which integrates within the same module a counter and the kitchen area with the sink.

Foldable furniture

Leroy Merlin So that your kitchen follows your needs, we rely on foldable furniture. The chairs and stools will then take up space in the room only when necessary.

Rolling furniture

Fly In the same spirit, prefer furniture on casters that can be moved to suit your needs and not interfere with your travels.

A high shelf

Fly Do you want to give style to your kitchen while storing some accessories? Arrange a high shelf that will not suffocate the room and allow you to display some objects.

Hidden furniture

Aviva Finally, also think of furniture that can hide another such as this storage module including a drawer conceals a side table for taking meals. Clever!