Outdoor weddings: long live the reception tents and marquees!

Outdoor weddings: long live the reception tents and marquees!

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Who has never dreamed of an outdoor wedding, surrounded by greenery and protected by a pretty white veil? Worthy of the greatest romantic comedies, the tents, arbors and capitals participate in it with chic to host in style, buffet, wine reception and exceptional dinner. Make way for daydreaming…

Indian wedding

Mark Tierney Have you decided to get married in the middle of nature? This teepee tent will arouse the curiosity of your guests until you get away from it all. We particularly like the concept of the path surrounded by torch, a real plus for this decorative theme! Source: Boho Weddings

Tree marquee

Christian Oth Studio Do you like difference and are looking for something original for the best day of your life? These trees integrated into the reception area are a real charming asset under a tent with a classic appearance. Source: Style me pretty

Veils of happiness

AE Stelzer Photography Here is the proof that it is not necessary to study and accumulate details and accessories to obtain a harmonious wedding decor. Simple and efficient ! Source: Style me pretty

A wedding in the orangery

France Location Do you want a tent, more charm? You can optimize your research towards an orangery rental, which you will have in the place of your dreams. Class and charm guaranteed.

Harmony with nature

Lane Dittoe Garlands of hanging leaves and flower pots galore. The spirit of this transparent tarpaulin tent could convince more than one! A nice idea for a country wedding! Source: Style me pretty

The Circus of the newlyweds

Cirque Franconi Fancy an unconventional wedding that guests will remember for a long time? Opt for the rental of a circus tent, make the stage your dance floor, ensure that the animals are well kept and enjoy!

Under a little cloud

Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography Like an impression of cotton clouds above the head associated with garlands? Perfect combo to give a little personality to an overly basic room. Source: Style me Pretty

Flowery wedding

Samuel Lippke Studios It is well known, flowers are the best allies of an elegant decor. If you want to organize a reception with great pomp like here, the thick curtains blend perfectly with a sky filled with flowers. So chic. Source: Everything For My Marriage

Happy hippie

Amilia Photography A bench, a teepee and lights. The proof, if it was needed, that nothing can bring the dose of romanticism and magic necessary for a successful marriage. Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Let's dance

Ryan Ray Photography For a wedding, the party after dinner is essential. So you have to be careful that everyone has easy access to the dance floor. Here these pretty arbors are positioned in L. An ideal tip so that everyone can access them safely. Guaranteed atmosphere! Source: Style me pretty

Stars in the sky

Sandeman Events A black arbor with hundreds of small lights… Nothing like having the impression of being under a wonderful starry sky the night of your wedding. One Word: WOW!


Carrie Butler Photography In order to avoid the sanitized and therefore too white aspect of a tent, the bride and groom brought a natural touch with strips of linen effect fabric suspended from the ceiling. To play the card thoroughly, you can combine them with tablecloths or similar napkins for a rural spirit! Source: Something Turquoise

Nomad Wedding

Be Lounge Do you want to play nomads on the best day of your life? Either, a destructured tent will offer a change of scenery and originality for a very beautiful (bo) wedding!

The cozy moment

Emily Blake Photography How to create an atmosphere of privacy outdoors without choosing a simple arbor? Define your dream location yourself with strips of canvas accompanied by decorative accessories, here the lights and the stars. Practical, economical and chic. Source: Style me pretty

Pep Wedding

Lauren Often when we think of marriage, white is the color that immediately comes to mind. But what about pink? Let your imagination run wild, here is the proof that you can dare bright colors in all circumstances! Source: Style me pretty

Intimate wedding

Wendy Laurel If some dream of a large wedding of 300 guests, others prefer the tranquility of a moment in small groups. In this case, the bamboo canopy tent spirit could be suitable to create the desired theme. Source: Style Me Pretty

Wood ahead

Judy Pak Under a large white arbor, we like the banquet spirit with long tables. But not too much is needed, the combination of wood, rattan, and a note of greenery in the center of the tables ensure a harmonious whole to your wedding decor in all simplicity. Source: Style me pretty

Transparent marriage

France Location To take advantage of the beauty of the outside all evening while avoiding its possible inconveniences (wind, rain) think of the transparent arbor. At nightfall, the starry sky will offer you magical moments! The trick to prick? Partially arrange colored and luminous lanterns on the ceiling for a pop note!

Fairy room

Josh Elliott To offer the enchantment hoped for at the time of a wedding, do not hesitate to use a large drape to give a touch of elegance and softness to an ordinary ceiling. A big plus than the play of light and the light garlands! Source: Love Luxe Life


Leroy Merlin Oval format for this irresistible tent with medium capacity. Perfect for a chic buffet sheltered from the wind and weather hazards.

Extra large

Leroy Merlin Who says big wedding ceremony says big number of guests. So that everyone fits under the same marquee intended for the buffet or the reception, we put on a large tent all in length, like this one.

Semi open

Delamaison Divine semi open reception tent facing the garden (and the swimming pool). On its one and only wall, we fall for the establishment of elegant windows creating a resolutely chic perspective effect.


La Redoute Closed from head to toe, this vast marquee takes no risk in the face of unforeseen weather. The ideal choice when dinner is also planned outdoors ...


Ikea Needless to plan all the festivities under a tent to adopt one. Small extra models are always used (gift corner, guest book, mini buffet ...), especially as they bring, despite their small size, an invaluable cachet to the garden.


Paragraph and two! Second miniature model, just to bring the little touch "chic wedding tent" to the ceremony. Let's agree, at his sight, the enchantment is imminent!

Cream colour

La Redoute The white of marriage knows several degrees. For lovers of off-white, here is an elegantly creamy reception tent in which all the decor (from the tablecloth to the flowers) is matched.


Ikéa Wearing an immaculate white pointed hat, this garden arbor is transformed, for D-Day of the wedding, into a distinguished marquee fully open on the garden.


Delamaison Even for an indoor wedding, an extra one, easy to assemble is always useful. Smokers can take refuge there in case of wind or rain!


Delamaison In order not to steal the show from the bride, this reception tent is dressed in beige and not in white. Who is for?


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