10 new bathrooms

10 new bathrooms

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Because the bathroom is becoming more and more important in our interiors, we took a look at the novelties to show you what you will soon be able to discover at home. Here are 10 new products spotted at the ideobain fair.

A black bathroom

Azur Lign ### The new chic of the bathroom is black! It can be installed on walls as well as on the floor or furniture to bring a touch of elegance.

Scandinavian bathroom

Villeroy et Boch ### For a bathroom with both design and natural inspiration, we choose the Scandinavian style which combines wood with white materials. Result: a trendy and pleasant bathroom!

A colorful bathroom

Porcelanosa ### You can also choose to bring very bright colors into the bathroom. You will find basins but also furniture in pop colors.

A designer bathroom

Mezquita ### The bathroom takes a certain freedom by offering very original designer furniture. Thus, the vanity units play the unstructured card and display a very refined design.

A spa bathroom

Kinedo ### Well-being is at the center of the bathroom, which is why we find more and more equipment worthy of the largest spas like this balneo bathtub.

A charming bathroom

Delpha ### The bathroom now follows your style desires! So if your living room is decorated in a charming style, your bathroom can follow suit.

A practical bathroom

Banya ### In the new bathrooms, comfort rhymes with practicality, with simpler fittings and therefore more pleasant to use.

A high tech bathroom

Azur Lign ### Technology is installed in new bathrooms with very stylish light mirrors but also supports for iPods to prepare for music.

A Zen bathroom

Aquarine ### Finally, you will also find bathrooms with clean lines that have as their objective only your well-being. With a touch of nature in addition, you will escape completely.


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