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The cocoon house seen by Becquet

The cocoon house seen by Becquet

For Becquet, entering the fall is not synonymous with gray mine! On the contrary, the brand offers many products to transform your home into a cocoon and appreciate the cold season that begins. To help you bundle up your decor, here are some hot products to adopt.

A winter atmosphere

Spoiler To echo the outdoor weather, the house does not hesitate to play with winter patterns. We can thus opt for a very decorative bed linen which is dressed in snowflakes. To polish the decor of the room, a little fake fur and a trophy are welcome.

Scandinavian spirit

Becquet The Scandinavian style is causing a sensation this season and Becquet is not to be missed! You will then dress your bed with traditional patterns in a natural spirit (notice the deer!). The rest of the room will rely on designer furniture that mixes wood and white color.

Little animals in the background

Spoiler To give life to your decor, count on small animals, especially the owl or owl animals, very trendy this season.

A warm atmosphere

Becquet To create a warm atmosphere in your interior, Becquet has thought of candles. But not just any since they play the trompe l'oeil card by imitating small logs. Ideal in winter decor.

A warm plaid

Spoiler Also remember to accessorize your interior with warm materials. We could for example have a nice plaid angora effect that will bring a lot of softness to the decor.

A faux fur cushion

Spoiler And for an even more cocooning atmosphere, we adopt a faux fur cushion to install on the sofa or a nice armchair. Guaranteed heat!


Spoiler To continue in the effects of materials, we can also bet on the mesh! If you are not the queen of knitting, you can adopt a mesh trompe l'oeil with this original duvet cover which imitates wool to perfection with an Irish stitch reminiscent of the famous sweaters.

A house dressed for winter

Spoiler To create a real cocoon, we also think of windows by dressing them with beautiful thick curtains. You can choose a natural pattern like stylized trees that will stick perfectly to the season.

A little wood for the fireplace

Spoiler Finally, whether you have a fireplace or not, dress your walls with stickers that mimic sticks. In the single bed or at the head of the bed for example, the effect is very warm!