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Heating: a radiator to put in front of my windows

Heating: a radiator to put in front of my windows

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Placing a radiator in front of a window or bay window is not absurd! On the contrary, this type of installation is to be preferred because it improves comfort, saves space efficiently while saving energy. Baseboard radiators, channel radiators or other models are full-fledged heating solutions. We have selected thirty for you.

A radiator for small spaces

Jump To choose your radiator correctly, it is essential that you first calculate the power required according to your room and your region. Ideal for a living room or a bedroom, the Inertie Baladi radiator can, for its part, heat an area of ​​20 m².

Stop cold air by heating under windows

Noirot Do you know the "cold wall" effect? This uncomfortable coldness coming from the outside air, which comes into contact with the glazing to cool the house? If this is the case and you want to remedy it, only one solution: install plinth radiators, specially designed for such a location, in front of the windows. Mounted on feet, not very tall and very long, they act as a thermal barrier.

Baseboard radiators of all sizes

Acova Because there are bay windows and windows of all sizes, you will find on the market plinth radiators of all sizes and all heights. So, whatever the size of your window, you will always find a heating solution of the same size!

A radiator under a window to heat large volumes

Acova Small but particularly efficient, baseboard radiators are generally sufficient to heat a room, even large ones. The Acova Vuelta radiator benefits from very low heights (20 and 26 cm), and is an ideal solution in front of large glazed spaces or under very low windows.

Coordinate your radiator with your decor

Acova Chrome or aluminum finish, Origin, Vitamin or Urban color palette… At Acova, you have the choice between more than 50 colors. Suffice to say that you can very easily play the decor card and customize your radiator according to your decoration. Cherry red color for a pep's and vitamin interior or jasmine shade for a sober and chic space, the choice is yours!

A radiator for a modern interior

Acova The Fassane plinth radiator imagined by Acova, will be elegantly installed in your modern interior because of its simple and discreet design. Compact and of incomparable finesse, it can also easily be installed in front of verandas or in front of glazing. Thanks to its many possible connection configurations, it is perfect for renovations.

A compact radiator

Zehnder No matter where, the Zehnder Plinthe 87 hot water radiator always looks good. Small in size but nevertheless very powerful, it will find a place of choice in front of bay windows, in verandas in particular. Aesthetic, the taps are hidden in the base

A bench-shaped radiator

Wordstyle Compact and discreet, the Freedom radiator from Jaga is particularly suitable for low temperature heating systems and will charm those looking for an original and quirky radiator. Available in 29 matt or brilliant colors and 27 metallic shades, it will adapt, in the blink of an eye, to all your decorations.

A decorative radiator

Jaga Are you tired of your radiator with the sad whiteness that encroaches on space? Jaga has heard your weariness and meets your needs with this beautiful precious wood radiator developed for the house of the future. And in addition, thanks to its Low-H2O technology, you will reduce your energy consumption!

An industrial radiator for a loft-style living room

Runtal Favorite for the Runtal Flow Form radiator. With its classic shape, timeless beauty and sober and functional lines, it will certainly appeal to those nostalgic for the beginnings of industrial design. Ideal for workshops, lofts or rooms that seek a touch of originality in their layout, Flow Form is available in central or electric heating version. The slats arranged in a spiral around the heating tube will also distribute pleasant warmth evenly throughout the room, enough to spend a pleasant time with family or friends in the living room.

An à la carte radiator under the window

Vasco / Egide Meertens Architecten Your home has large frames? For such spaces, the Primula plinth radiator with its high thermal efficiency and its contemporary and refined design is the ideal solution. Year after year, you benefit from optimal thermal comfort without having to sacrifice the feeling of space. Available in a multitude of dimensions: four heights, five depths, twenty lengths and a la carte colors, you will inevitably find the model that suits you!

We let in the light

Mr Bricolage Placing a radiator under a window also allows you to conserve a maximum of natural light. For more discretion, in particular in front of the bay windows all in height, think of privileging the gutter radiator. Embedded in the ground, only its grid is visible.

Free up space with a built-in radiator

Jaga Are you short of space in your living room? Optimize the space by opting for the narrow Micro Canal radiator from Jaga, built into the ground. Ultra-discreet, it does not waste any space and prevents neither the view on the outside nor the traffic. Its more? It can be heated in front of large bay windows, while avoiding the cold wall effect.

A channel radiator for optimal comfort

UKRBoard Less discreet, but just as practical, you could otherwise bet on this gutter radiator embedded in the ground which creates a curtain of hot air in front of the cold windows. Ideal for heating rooms with full-height glazing or French windows, the Clima Canal radiator also has an oak grate which will allow it to easily adapt to all types of parquet.

A minimalist radiator

Varela Design With its sober and refined design, the Varela VD 5502 Design Radiator will create a sensation in a Zen-style bathroom or a minimalist living room. Horizontal or vertical, it's up to you!

The elegance of a glass mirror radiator

Campa Old-fashioned parquet floors, delicate moldings, large bay windows… A radiator was needed at the height of this elegant house. Successful bet with this Campa model with rounded angles in 8 mm solid glass, radiant and with controlled inertia. For this beautiful building, we chose a narrow horizontal model, white lily color, which fits discreetly under the window.

A trendy radiator

Acova Today, radiators are becoming decorative objects in their own right. As evidenced by the contemporary aesthetics of the Altima aluminum finish radiator, which will ideally be installed in a trendy living room.

A designer radiator

DeltaCalor Exit sober and impersonal white radiators and give way to originality with the very design DeltaCalor Bambù radiator. True object of worship, it will seduce you with its ethereal and sinuous lines which intertwine. The extreme pleasure of a radiant installation and the aesthetic and functional innovation of heat tubes! How not to be charmed!

A radiator Like a ladder

Acova Did you think that towel radiators were only intended for our bathrooms? Think again, redesigned, the classic ladder radiator now has its place in the kitchen. Hot, electric or mixed water, the choice is yours!

A wooden radiator for a warm interior

jaga Imposing, amazing, innovative, confusing ... The Knockonwood radiator from Jaga is the very first wooden radiator. His fitted "no-nonsense" coat is finished in a noble wood veneer. A sturdy wood that fits in style against the wall and that will adapt wonderfully in an authentic and warm interior. His pluses? The guarantee of reduced energy consumption, a higher calorific emission and the possibility of choosing from 9 different wood varieties.

The perfect balance between function and aesthetics

Tuves Made of aluminum, this radiator has placed aesthetics as a priority. With its smooth surface of only 22 mm and its shape of choice, square or rectangular, it adapts to the wall like a painting. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, it will easily match any style.

The splendor of the Monoliths

Needo Forget the classic electric heater! This year, bet on the last step of the evolution process of the range of designer radiators at the cutting edge of technology, I named the Monolithe radiator signed Needo. Vertical, economical and fully recycled, it stands out from its competitors by its ability to transform into a lamppost thanks to its low-consumption LED technology. A design object to use at any time of the year!

With ease

Thermor This Thermor wall radiator shines with its simplicity and aesthetics. Efficient and eco-friendly, it does not alter your interior, but allows savings of up to 45% thanks to its intelligent control. A success !

A decorative radiator

K8 Radiatori You are not mistaken! This decorative object is indeed a radiator! In addition to effectively heating your interior, it decorates it with simplicity and sophistication!

A trendy towel dryer

Campa Ideal for a modern or contemporary bathroom, the Campastyle Elite radiator has it all! Design by its appearance, it is composed of a massive glass glass of 8 mm capable of withstanding shocks. To guarantee an excellent level of comfort in your space, the towel dryer is equipped with a blower which will allow you to obtain heat very quickly.

A towel radiator for the bathroom

Thermor Otherwise, you can fall for the contemporary design of the Emotion Barres towel radiator by Thermor. Its more? Its window opening / closing detection function which allows the device to automatically go into frost protection mode when windows are opened. Once closed, it automatically returns to the initial temperature. A real concentrate of innovation!

A radiator for the children's room

Acova Little ones will not say no to a little color in the bedroom with a radiator that gives a good mood to the room! The plus of this taupe radiator? It adapts to all your decorative desires since it is available in 50 colors and thus harmonizes with the rest of the bedroom furniture.

A radiator that adapts to your desires

Jump No you are not dreaming! Thanks to its four possible configurations, the Lucki radiator adapts to all your space constraints and all configurations. Thus, to enlarge the space and create an interesting visual effect in your space you will install a lengthwise radiator.

Warmth and style

Jaga Thanks to the design of the horizontally lined front panel, the Tempo radiator adapts to any interior! Fast, light and perfectly adjustable, it represents the ideal basic heating!


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