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The Union Jack motif at the heart of the trend

The Union Jack motif at the heart of the trend

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A few months before the London Olympics, the decor goes into "Union Jack" mode. From bed linen to wallpaper, the flag of our English neighbors puts its little pop seed so British to wake up our interiors so Frenchy!

Union Jack bed linen

Goal ### Want to adopt a pop and rock note in the bedroom? Let yourself be seduced by this bed linen which brandishes the English flag without complex! It is THE ideal touch to boost the decor of your room…

Union Jack rug

Paragraph ### A carpet covered with the British flag to dress the sofa and coffee table corner, that's enough to underline the young and trendy mood of this pretty studio!

The Union Jack flag

Les 3 Suisses ### Since the Union Jack motif represents neither more nor less than the flag of England, why not bring it as is in the decor? Hanging vertically, it will serve as an original wall decoration and full of pep!

Union Jack wallpaper

Saint Maclou ### Even the wallpaper bends to our desires for a getaway across the Channel. Alternating a series of typical London photos and the country's flag, it invites us to escape…

Union Jack chair

Maisons du Monde ### This is an armchair in which you dream of curling up, but not only! It is also wanted to decorate your living room, because its shell-shaped look coated with the British flag has everything to not go unnoticed.

Union Jack floor cushion

Goal ### Impossible for the Union Jack trend to ignore the teenagers' room, they who love so many decorative objects imbued with the British style! Here, it adapts to all formats - small, medium and large - between a storage box, two or three cushions on the bed and a floor cushion where to receive friends ...

Union Jack sticker

Paragraph ### In a studio strongly inspired by the British capital by its red and blue colors and by the London bus motif appearing on the sofa bed, a Union Jack sticker finishes setting the tone on the walls.

A Union Jack light for children

Goal ### The "London" trend also arrives in the toddler's bedroom between a red double-decker bus-style bed or a Union Jack floor lamp!

Union Jack office

Maisons du Monde ### The work corner also aligns with the British look with drawers like the English flag. Trend the office!