Patrick Nadeau in 10 creations

Patrick Nadeau in 10 creations

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Inventor of plant design, Patrick Nadeau puts living things at the center of his creation by crossing architecture, design and nature. He then designs hybrid objects that integrate plants for unique objects. We invite you to discover his work in 10 emblematic creations.

Individual nature Rocaille

Philippe Chancel Patrick Nadeau reinvents the flowerpot with this terracotta and birch plywood structure which masks the plant inside the pot and makes it visible through holes allowing a few branches to pass through.

Greenwaters for Idéobain

Ideobain On the Idéobain show, Patrick Nadeau gave his vision of the bathroom by skillfully combining design and nature thanks to hanging potted plants that transform the atmosphere of this room.

Diona porcelaina / Porcelain vase

Loic Rent This pot is designed for good horticultural use: the pot contains the soil and the saucer collects the excess water. Outside, stakes gradually adapt to the growth of the plant.

Individual nature

Nadeau With this original structure, Patrick Nadeau brings plants into the house and transforms plants into real partitions for a nature project with an original design.


Nadeau Patrick Nadeau received a Design Award in 2010 for this work which rethinks the flower pot in the continuity of the plant by giving it the shape of a bulb perfectly in harmony with the stem.

Individual nature

Philippe Chancel When Patrick Nadeau reinvents everyday objects, he never fails to bring them a natural touch. It integrates plants at a table to combine design and plants.

Individual relief nature

Nadeau Here, the plant wall is revisited with plants that grow in a normal way, and which will form the partition. To help them: a wooden structure that includes a trellis.

Laorus fountain

Fillioux For this object, Patrick Nadeau received the Wallpaper Design Award 2012 as well as the VIA 2012 label. He offers an aesthetic and practical object that mixes flower pots and garden taps.

Authentics to suspend

Nadeau With this revisited flower pot, Patrick Nadeau is reinventing the place of plants in the house by offering it a setting in suspension and verticality.