10 decorative benches that have style

10 decorative benches that have style

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Back on the school benches… Formerly reserved for exteriors in general and for classrooms in particular, the bench is now part of our decor and can be found everywhere. Wooden bench, metal bench, bamboo bench, aluminum bench or even marble bench, discover our 10 inspirations and adopt, too, a decorative bench that has style.

On the terrace: a two-tone light wooden bench

Ikea As comfortable inside as outside, this two-tone bench is part of the light wood trend. Its very stable feet and backrest provide a very comfortable seat. Ideal for spending evenings together, entwined one against the other, we are conquered, and you?

In the bedroom: a bed end bench

AM PM Contemporary. This metal bench has it all! And yes, in addition to being design and elegant, it is also multifunctional: ideal as a bedside table in the bedroom, it also turns into a coffee table.

In the bedroom: a bedside table bench

Ikea Here too, we adopt a multi-purpose bench: and yes, perfect as a bedside table, this large white bench can also serve as a seat in the entrance. A 2in1 bench in short. Smart, right?

In the living room: a bench in raw wood and metal

Zeus In the wild. Here is a bench that throws it, very original, it seems to have been barely worked with its large piece of raw wood as a seat and its feet in designer metal. It will fit perfectly into a contemporary interior, with clean lines, but we can also imagine it very well in a living room with a loft and industrial feel.

In the dining room: a wooden bench

Maisons du Monde What could be better than a large wooden bench as a seat in the dining room? Guaranteeing charm and comfort, this is the solution we adopt in a family kitchen. In this dining room, we also like the bias of the seat mix, original isn't it?

In the office: a multifunction bench

Maisons du Monde And because a bench is certainly a seat but not that, we love this multifunctional model. Under the 3 seats, delimited by soft and comfortable cushions, are 4 drawers and a very clever and space-saving storage space. Here is a bench that has it all!

In the corridor: a marble and wood bench

Normann Copenhagen This magnificent marble and wood bench is a real decorative item. Ideal for giving character to a somewhat dark corridor, its clean lines give it a look that is both chic and elegant. We also imagine it perfectly in a contemporary living room.

In the workshop: a large wooden bench

Maisons du Monde How can you not fall for this workshop style decor, both chic and bohemian? Above all, it is the charming atmosphere that seduces and enchants us. And to sublimate this interior, we opted for two beautiful wooden benches, matching the work table.

Outside: a bench for two

Fermob Soft lines and welcoming shapes characterize this bench, as comfortable inside as outside. Made of aluminum, it is very light and its bench shape appeals to us.