Patchwork in all its forms

Patchwork in all its forms

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To put a little cheerfulness and originality in the house, one can use the principle of patchwork which consists in assembling several pieces of fabrics to create an eclectic and original whole. You will find fabrics already composed but can also have fun creating your own pattern. And in the house, the effect is super decorative!

Patchwork cocooning version

Lexington For a very warm atmosphere, you can opt for a bedspread whose patterns that make up the patchwork will feature different tiles. The result is ultra cocooning.

Patchwork traditional version

Andi Art To cover this bench, we used different ends of very colorful fabrics with stripes. The whole is then very joyful and harmonious while giving a traditional Amish side, origin of the motif.

Romantic patchwork

In Indian thread The patchwork can also be used for a romantic atmosphere. The secret ? Use scraps of feminine fabric with soft colors and patterns like toile de Jouy.

Indian patchwork

Saint Maclou On the carpets, the patchwork will be used for Indian models which will bring a very exotic touch to your interior.

Playful patchwork

Ikea Patchwork can also be a creative hobby and turn into a fun workshop. You can then bring yourself squares of original fabrics to create your own composition that you can install on the wall.

Patchwork design

Ferm Living For a very designer version of the patchwork, you can opt for bed linen which incorporates triangles of dark colors and which offer a very graphic style to the bedroom.

Patchwork revisited

Ikea Know that you can also take up the idea of ​​patchwork without multiplying many tiles of fabric. For example, you can choose three different fabric strips to create a screen.

Patchwork for children

Paragraph The children also have the right to the patchwork motif. We then opt for bright colors and a mix of plain fabrics and pretty patterns.

Improvised patchwork

Ikea Finally, be aware that you can also improvise a patchwork on the floor by placing several small rugs. The effect will be warm and very decorative.


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