Tom Dixon in 10 creations

Tom Dixon in 10 creations

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On the occasion of the opening of The Tom Dixon Room at the Les Années Lumières space where Tom Dixon presents his novelties but also the LE66 Café designed by the designer, we invite you to discover his work which mixes raw materials, functionality and pure forms. Here is a selection of 10 creations from the British designer!

The Fan table

Tom Dixon This table answers the armchair with the graphic play of the bars which is reused for the base of the table. For the tray, make way for marble and its incomparable elegance.

The Cell Tall pendant light

Tom Dixon This original pendant lamp is made from very thin sheets of brass perforated with a laser to let in light and offer warm lighting.

Coppershade pendant light

Tom Dixon Sphere in transparent methacrylate, this pendant lamp is metallized from the inside with a copper foil which gives this mirror aspect to the whole and makes the pendant lamp so attractive.

The Mirror Ball lamp

Tom Dixon These table lamps have the same manufacturing system as the Coppershade pendant lamp for incredible mirror rendering.

The Screw table

Tom Dixon Thought to be ultra functional, this table goes from a simple gesture from a high table to a low table thanks to a screwing system of the foot. On the design side, we like the combination of marble and cast iron.

Etch Web suspension

Tom Dixon To provide graphic light thanks to original and angular projected shadows, this pendant lamp is made of laser perforated steel sheets. The object takes on a futuristic appearance.

The Etch tealight holder

Tom Dixon In the same collection as the pendant lamp, the Etch candle holders use the same laser perforation technique to offer an object both precious and design whose inspiration could be the oriental lanterns.

Gem coffee table and stool

Tom Dixon In nickel-plated aluminum, this small piece of furniture plays the sculptural card by offering raw and strong lines that will not go unnoticed in the house. A real totem that glorifies the modernity of materials.

The Base Copper lamp

Tom Dixon Still working in metal, this lamp skillfully mixes copper and cast iron for a set that is both precious and industrial style specific to the work of Tom Dixon.


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