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I have a mezzanine at home: how to arrange a bedroom?

I have a mezzanine at home: how to arrange a bedroom?

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Star of small surfaces and great heights under ceiling, the mezzanine has been on the rise for a few years. Whether it is the size of a mattress or that it covers a floor by itself, it represents a real refuge in height, ideal for fitting out a bedroom. There are many layout constraints, however, due to its reduced size and its sometimes under roof space. gives you the keys to create a comfortable and cozy cocoon… Explanations in pictures.

Opt for a railing

Erminox The mezzanine can be dangerous if it is not completely secured by a railing or a balustrade: the latter are all the more essential when a room is fitted out! Brands today compete in creativity and offer in their catalogs models with very worked shapes, ranging from the purest country style to the most contemporary.

Chic attic

Maisons du Monde The editorial team fell in love with this attic room, fitted out in a cocoon as peaceful as it is cozy. Like family country houses, take care of the details by choosing pretty retro accessories (bedside table, bed linen, reading chair, carpet to give character to your mezzanine.

An office space

Leroy Merlin Why not create an office area in your mezzanine bedroom? The Spaceo storage units launched by Leroy Merlin are ideal for creating a workspace in harmony with the rest of the room, and are very practical for storing your various files and documents when the surface is limited.

Mini format, maximum space saving!

Espace Loggia Specialist in space saving solutions, Espace Loggia has imagined this mini-mezzanine that can accommodate a double bed. Ideal for studios or small rooms, this revolutionary piece of furniture combines a bed, a ladder to access it, a dressing room and a desk. This is something to consider the arrangement of his room from a new angle!

Low furniture to create a clean environment

Ikea Ikea presents here an ideal layout solution for a bedroom located in the attic: the bed, the bedside table and the bookcase are all of a reasonable height which means that the room cannot be "crushed". It therefore remains functional without being overloaded.

The return of the screen

Maisons du Monde This attractive piece of furniture, somewhat neglected in recent years, will quickly become the centerpiece of your mezzanine! Perfect for creating a little intimacy between the bed and the main room, it hides the sleeping area as practical as it is aesthetic.

Modern and bright

Lapeyre Lapeyre innovates with this staircase in brushed stainless steel and with the structure in glass walls, contemporary materials which give it a very current look! Access to the mezzanine is aerial and perfectly secure, and the whole blends harmoniously with the architecture of the house.

Space-saving furniture

La Redoute Interiors Some mezzanines have a cramped surface that requires a bit of cleverness and ingenuity when fitting them out. Opt without moderation for 2-in-1 furniture that optimizes square meters, like this very design bookcase headboard offered by La Redoute Interiors.

An attic closet

Lapeyre If your mezzanine is located under the roof, the attic closet remains the most effective storage solution. You gain space while storing your various clothes and accessories ... Who says better?

A mezzanine as beautiful as it is clever

Woody Pecker We love this mezzanine whose skeleton was voluntarily left in the rough for a very natural decor. The access as well as the landing are totally secured by long wooden battens extending to the ceiling, and the ground floor space is optimized by custom storage. Here is a great example to copy for its future layout!


La Redoute Interiors The sofa bed has evolved since its creation in the 80s. More design, more comfortable, it is the major asset of a mezzanine that we want to transform a place of reception during the day, while can rest serenely overnight. When the bedroom becomes a living space, the whole house is completely redesigned!

Personalized storage space

Ikea The dressings offered in stores have for the most part imposing dimensions, and custom-made can be expensive. Opt for the home-made by creating your own storage space! A few shelves, a clothes rail and coat hooks - all hidden by a pretty curtain - and your mezzanine will look like a parental suite.

Style exercise

Hi-Macs The Hi-Macs company has produced a fine example of an attic mezzanine layout, by imagining a bathroom open to the bedroom. By integrating custom-made furniture, the brand wants to show that any room can be harmoniously arranged, whatever its shape and the space it has.

Chic and practical

La Redoute Interiors Still in the interests of saving space, the drawer bed is an excellent alternative to the traditional closet. We love this sober and contemporary model offered at La Redoute Interiors, which goes perfectly with a contemporary and refined decoration.

Scandinavian style

Design Mag We fall for this very functional small mezzanine entirely covered with raw wood. Here design and comfort have been privileged to create an intimate and cocooning room.

Special dressing

La Redoute Interiors With its low ceiling height, which sometimes doesn't even allow you to stand up, the mezzanine must be adequately furnished. Exit the tall and imposing furniture, make way for personalized storage solutions! Here, the cupboard has been specially designed for attic surfaces.

Design dorm

Design Mag Hats off for this mezzanine converted into four cozy and decorative bedrooms. Like the spacious and clear boat cabins, these four bunk beds have everything to please large siblings!

Tailor-made storage

Lapeyre Tailor-made is an option often considered when fitting out mezzanines with unusual corners and surfaces. These Lapeyre cupboards are discreet with their sliding doors, while allowing the storage of a large volume of personal effects. The bedroom becomes lighter, and the space is freed from an imposing wardrobe or an unsuitable chest of drawers.

A miller's ladder

Leroy Merlin The miller's ladder has many advantages which make it a privileged access to climb to its mezzanine: less bulky and more accessible in terms of price than a traditional staircase, it seduces with its light and discreet appearance. It is however essential to secure it by ramps if you have young children, because it remains sloping and potentially more dangerous than a staircase.

A cozy nest

Les Vieux Chênes What if you envision your mezzanine as a cozy refuge where it is good to rest? Choose warm materials - linen, wood, faux fur - put the mattress on the floor and multiply the lights for a soft and subdued atmosphere. Your mezzanine will become the most envied of bedrooms!


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