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How to use the colors of autumn in the house?

How to use the colors of autumn in the house?

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Even if the temperatures cool off in autumn, this season still has the advantage of offering pretty colors to nature. Why not take inspiration from it for the home and create an autumnal decor? This is what we suggest you do with 10 decor ideas to use the colors of autumn in the house.

A wall to energize the room

Conforama Much simpler, you can also simply choose to paint a wall in its entirety in order to energize the room in the blink of an eye. It will be ideal in a kitchen to serve as a backdrop for neutral colored furniture.

Wall panels

Paragraph You find that an entire wall brings too much color to your interior? Be clever and bring the color on the wall that presents the windows so that the color is attenuated by the openings and the walls become like decorative panels.

A colorful sofa

Ikea You don't want to touch the color of your walls? Perhaps you will then opt for a colored sofa that will transform your room into an autumnal cocoon. The trick: no need to change the whole sofa, you can only buy a new cover.

A colorful armchair

Ikea Also know that you can play with the armchairs! To do this, add a red armchair and a yellow armchair to your living room to see it transformed with a new fall look.

A red piece of furniture

Ikea The idea of ​​a colored piece of furniture also works with storage furniture. In a bedroom, you can for example opt for a wardrobe painted in an autumn color to give a warm air to your room.

Color shades

Dulux Valentine Autumn is not just the color orange! Because before arriving at bright colors, the leaves go through many shades of green. If you do not want to bring too much color to your interior, you can then bet on a shades of green that will transcribe the change of nature.

A vitamin decor

Dulux Valentine After green, make way for yellow! A warm fall color, it can take over your living room with ease. It is up to you to decide if you will choose to paint an entire wall or if you will simply opt for a piece of furniture. Our decoration tip: combine it with gray for a modern look.

Retro fall colors

Dulux Valentine If there is one style that matches the colors of fall, it's the retro style! You can then marry yellow, orange, green and other brown tones for a decor that has pep's.

An original decoration

Dulux Valentine Finally, for an original touch in your interior, the colors of autumn are your allies. Do you have a staircase? Paint the risers in colors like green, youthful and orange.