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Saint Ermin's Hotel

Saint Ermin's Hotel

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MGallery (Memorables Hotels by Accor) has just inaugurated its first hotel in the United Kingdom. The MGallery collection is made up of high-end establishments around the world. Remarkable by their identity, each hotel in this collection is unique and tells its own story. Saint Ermin's in London is no exception to the rule since during World War II it was in this hotel that Sir Winston Chuchill organized secret operations with his teams… Discover a hotel full of stories in a setting combining sophistication with modernity. and the chic of high-end hotels.


SAINT ERMIN'S HOTEL The majestic and immaculate entrance to the hotel is a must upon your arrival ... The immensity and beauty of the place is breathtaking. It is the architect Dayna Le who imagined the decor of the hotel between modern decoration and classic style to make it a friendly and sophisticated place.


D'Home Productions The hotel lobby favors soft and cozy materials. It is a quiet and peaceful place where you will wait while waiting for your taxi which will take you to see a musical in the West End.


D'Home Productions The hotel rooms and suites are fully equipped and welcome you in a very English atmosphere. Floral patterns, printed carpet, large drapes of fabrics ... The tone is set with this English know-how for a decor where you feel good.

The bar

SAINT ERMIN'S HOTEL The Caxton Bar awaits you for a privileged moment of relaxation. The decor is neat and plays the cozy card in a cozy atmosphere. You can imagine yourself relaxing with a drink after spending a day strolling the streets of the beautiful city of London.


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