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Discover the Winkler winter collection

Discover the Winkler winter collection

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As usual, Winkler offers us colorful and sparkling linens this winter, cozy and warm, elegant and refined. Playful aprons and traditional tea towels wake up the kitchen while the plaids and graphic cushions energize the living room. Here are our 10 favorites.

A decoration that clashes

Winkler This fall, there is no question that the gray sky will reach our good mood! We adopt in our living room or in our bedroom these cushions and plaids in ultra colored wool. Who said that the colorful decor was kitsch? Filo cushion and plaid: 28.90 euros / 89.90 euros

Playful cooking

Winkler In the kitchen, we play the card of playful decoration with these tea towels and aprons which seem to have been covered with the famous Duralex glasses. Of course, we leave them in evidence so that it is fully part of the decor. Douglas apron and tea towel: 15.90 euros / 6.90 euros

A refined hand towel

Winkler Always very practical, both in the bathroom and in the toilet, the hand towels are elegant at Winkler. Gray, red, orange, we advise you to dare to mix colors. Edith hand towel: 7.90 euros

Metal look cushions

Winkler In a traditional and warm living room, we dare a few contemporary touches with these cushions which look like small chain mail. Mussy cushions: from 29.90 euros

Gourmet cuisine

Winkler Gluttony is a must in the kitchen with this apron and this tea towel on which have been printed a multitude of cakes and mounted pieces. You no longer have any excuses for not going to the stove!

An elegant table

Winkler Be chic all winter by adopting this black tablecloth with small silver stripes. As for the dishes, we invite you to choose white for a very successful style effect. Soraya tablecloth: from 59.90 euros

Accessories that set the tone

Winkler Salt and Pepper, these are accessories that do not make us doubt for a second their place in our decor. We particularly like the hat that we only go out on the days when we want to amaze our guests. Apron, glove and toque Salt and Pepper: 13.50 euros / 5.90 euros / 7.90 euros

A table runner that awakens

Winkler New decorative ally of our tables, the table runner is simple but flashy at Winkler. With its red color, it will wake up any table! Little more: it will also be perfect for a Christmas dinner under the sign of tradition. Folk table runner: 19.90 euros

Vichy style

Winkler The famous little Vichy tiles have certainly not said their last word in decoration! Winkler thought purple and white on the tea towels this winter for an ounce of femininity and grace in the kitchen. We also like the ingredients inscribed in frieze for the contemporary touch.


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