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Le Pradey

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Refinement and elegance are the watchwords of this new Parisian hotel. Located in the heart of Paris of the arts, the establishment of 28 rooms offers a Parisian promenade to its visitors thanks to the different imagined universes. Coming to Le Pradey is discovering / rediscovering Paris.

Opera Suite

Pierre Soissons The Opera suite on the 1st floor was imagined by Chantal Thomass. Pink tutu, satin bows and frilly gray as a reminder of the wrap-over of the little dancers of the Palais Garnier. The softness and the preciousness of the classic are found even in the bathroom, in waxed concrete… pink (!) From floor to ceiling.

Cabaret Suite

Pierre Soissons Rediscover the spirit of Parisian cabarets, of these mischievous and naughty parties in the Cabaret suite. Imagined by fashion designer Chantal Thomass, this case is a true tribute to the Moulin Rouge. A fresco from the beginning of the century was produced especially for this unique address in which the lace and drapes of the living room invite you to curl up in a comfortable shepherdess.

Collector's Suite

Pierre Soissons On the 5th floor, the Collector suite, a discreet suite with subtle hues. Ivory and glossy brown light up pieces of contemporary crafts. Dominating the roofs of Paris, a balcony invites you to daydream.

Ecuyère Suite

Pierre Soissons In the spirit of the Parisian saddler - Hermès - the lounge of the Écuyère suite is carpeted with equestrian scenes. The room recreates a library atmosphere where each book evokes the world of the horse.

View from the balcony

Pierre Soissons Discover Paris from a new perspective on the balcony of the Le Pradey hotel.


Pierre Soissons Come to rest on the mezzanine of the hotel which hides a library in all discretion.