Ecological insulation for your home

Ecological insulation for your home

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To insulate your home while respecting the environment, several materials are available to you. We asked Eco-Logis, specialist in ecological insulation, to present us some materials that you can adopt at home. Cork, cellulose wadding, wood wool, hemp wool, sheep wool or recycled cotton, all you have to do is choose.

Cotton wool recycling Also very efficient, recycled cotton wool has the great advantage of being very light. Thus, it can be installed in all cases and in particular in false ceilings. It comes from the recycling of textile industry scraps and the purchase of used clothing.

Hemp Already known for its use in textiles, hemp is also a quality ecological insulator used for accessible roof spaces. This insulator has the advantage of being a natural repellent against rodents because they do not appreciate the smell of the material at all.

Sheep wool Also used for clothing, sheep's wool is not lacking in quality regarding the insulation of accessible roof spaces. Available in rolls, it has an excellent hygroscopic capacity which means that it will play a role of regulating the ambient humidity without losing its insulating properties. It is therefore recommended at altitude or in humid climates.

Wood wool panels To insulate the attic you want to fit out, you can directly insulate under the roof using wood wool panels. And for even more performance, we will choose a mixture of wood wool and hemp which provides optimum winter and summer comfort for real savings in heating!

The cork If cork is a strong decoration trend, it is also a must in terms of ecological insulation because it is 100% natural. And its qualities are innumerable, it resists for example water, fire, rodents and insects and it is also a sound insulator. Easy to install, it can be used for interior and exterior walls, partitions, and ceilings.


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