10 decorative hotels in Lisbon

10 decorative hotels in Lisbon

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Colorful and culturally rich capital, Lisbon is a destination of choice for those who love the good life and the soft Portuguese sun. With its exhilarating nightlife, its many trendy addresses and its latest fashion and design creators, Lisbon is a modern and trendy capital. Focus on ten decorative hotels!

Olissippo Saldanha Hotel

Olissippo Saldanha Hotel Located less than 60 meters from Duque de Saldanha Square, the Olissippo Saldanha Hotel has a very designer decoration. Immaculate, the rooms advocate simplicity, elegance and favor contemporary furniture with pure and minimalist forms. 30, Avenida Praia da Vitória, Lisboa

As janelas verdes

As Janelas Verdes A family home converted into a charming hotel, the As Janelas Verdes hotel has recreated the warm and cocooning atmosphere of a private house. The establishment gently gathers an opulent universe, made of books, piano, carpet and living room fireplace, as well as heavy curtains from which a wise and powdery light filters. 47, Rua Janelas Verdes, Lisboa

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz The flagship of the Lisbon hotel industry, the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz is the ideal observatory and the ideal starting point for anyone wishing to explore Lisbon. Located in the heart of the city, the hotel is renowned for the authenticity of its decoration which reflects the charm and history of Portugal in its architecture and spacious interiors. The hotel combines an art deco trend with a Louis XVI style. Colorful and exotic, the lounge is a reflection of this culturally rich capital full of flavors. 88, Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 1093 Lisboa

Pestana Palace

Pestana Palace Housed in a magnificent 19th century palace, completely renovated, the Pestana Palace Hotel & National Monument is unveiled in a sumptuous setting where each visitor will quickly be caught up in the dreams of grandeur that have crossed this majestic building. Of classic luxury and modern style, the rooms, of solid comfort, rely on noble materials, warm colors and antique furniture. 54, Rua Jau, 1300-314 Lisboa

LX Boutique Hotel

LX Boutique Hotel Located at the foot of the Chiado hill, The LX Boutique Hotel, an old building with a blue facade and typical Lisbon architecture, has maintained its own style over the years. Through a contemporary decoration, full of charm and a touch of bohemian-chic, the hotel has found the right tone to give us a unique experience in Lisbon. 12, Rua Alecrim 1200-017 Lisboa

Hotel Portugal

Hotel Portugal Stay wrapped in a white and blue environment typical of the city of Lisbon by entering the contemporary rooms of Hotel Portugal. Modern and comfortable, each of them offers its guests a designer setting. The colors match and the furniture with sober lines finish dressing the space. 4, Rua João das Regras, 1100-294 Lisboa

Lisboa Plaza

Lisboa Plaza Hotel Located a few steps from Avenida da Liberdade, the Lisboa Plaza has, over the years, become a contemporary classic in Lisbon hotels. Opened in the early 1950s, this charming hotel is the work of an architect who has developed a concept of modernity through "practical solutions that provide a feeling of well-being". The blue-tinted relaxation area will immerse visitors in an intimate atmosphere where they will feel at home. 7, Travessa Salitre, 1269-066 Lisboa

Lisboa Carmo Hotel

Lisboa Carmo Hotel Located in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from the historic center and the popular Bairro Alto district, the Lisboa Carmo Hotel has a classic and contemporary decor. The elegant rooms have pastel-colored walls and vintage furniture, bringing a touch of fantasy and color to the apparent simplicity of the spaces. 1, Rua da Oliveira ao Carmo, 1200-307 Lisboa

Internacional Design Hotel

Internacional Design Hotel Located on the main square of Lisbon, Praça D. Pedro IV, the Internacional Design Hotel is a new trendy address bringing the glory of Lisbon to life with a friendly contemporary twist. The rooms, decorated according to four themes: urban, tribe, Zen and pop will appeal to travelers in search of flavors. Lovers of the pop movement, head for the fourth floor which puts on a playful decoration and which favors the acidulous and tonic colors. 3, Rua da Betesga, Lisboa


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