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Scandinavian-inspired decor to recreate at home

Scandinavian-inspired decor to recreate at home

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This season, the Scandinavian trend is invading the house! Between design lines and warm comfort of wood, this decoration becomes ideal when the temperature drops. So to recreate a decor placed under the sign of the far north, we invite you to discover our decorative shopping list.

Shopping list: warm parquet

Saint Maclou To give character to your room, parquet is your ally! We opt for a beautiful oak parquet in a light and slightly gray tone. The idea is to mix the natural spirit of wood with a fairly contemporary style.

Shopping list: a beige sofa

Ikea To create your decor, you will have to combine comfort and style. This results in a soft sofa that has many cushions that you will choose from in contemporary lines. On the color side, we put on beige, a pretty neutral color.

Shopping list: natural cushions

La Redoute To give an even warmer style to your living room, don't hesitate to add a few extra cushions on the sofa. You will bet for example on some models of natural color.

Shopping list: a refined coffee table

La Redoute Scandinavian design promotes clean, functional lines. For the coffee table, this translates into a simple table whose lines highlight wood, the material of choice for this inspiration.

Shopping list: Elegant candles

LSA International To give a warm atmosphere to your decor, play with candles. You will multiply some white and elegant candles on your coffee table for example. Several sizes will be welcome.

Shopping list: a Scandinavian-inspired accessory

LSA International On the coffee table, you will also be sure to set the scene with a Scandinavian-inspired accessory. You can for example place a wooden tray for the aperitif service.

Shopping list: white curtains

Ikea The other highlight of the Scandinavian style is the brightness. So for a bright interior, we put on white curtains that will give a nice clear and pleasant atmosphere to the room.

Shopping list: a natural piece

La Redoute To furnish the rest of the room, treat yourself to a piece of nature inspiration. You can for example choose a wooden bench. You can bet on simple and design lines or play the very natural card with a model that evokes the branches of trees.

Shopping list: a warm note

Ikea To accessorize the bench, play the Scandinavian card by placing a sheepskin on it. The effect will be incredibly cocooning!


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