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Central island lessons by Conforama

Central island lessons by Conforama

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Do you dream of a central island in your kitchen but are still hesitating? Nothing more normal ! It is even recommended to have hesitations and to weigh the pros and cons for this kind of work. By leafing through the 2014 catalog of Conforama kitchens, we found very telling examples of the choices to adopt in terms of central island. The opportunity for you to know if your kitchen is really made to accommodate a treasure island.

The central island, a window to the others

Conforama If the central island is so popular with the French, it is because it allows to combine an almost professional layout and an arrangement focused on conviviality. Conforama recommends freeing up the visual space by using a hood for a central island which also functions as lighting. Conforama, Troika cuisine, € 1,192 (price according to standard plan)

The central island, a table and much more

Conforama If the central island is above all a functional space, it can also be transformed into a kitchen table. To do this, simply compartmentalize it with different levels. Conforama, Salsa cuisine, € 881.60 (price according to standard plan)

The central island, for ventilated spaces

Conforama The central island is not the answer to all kitchens. Keep in mind that this type of layout requires an area of ​​at least 15 m2, so there is no need to clutter your kitchenette. Conforama, Ottawa kitchen, 999 € (price according to standard plan)

The central island, a command post

Conforama If you want to equip your central island with household appliances or with a sink, you must be careful not to extend the triangular activity zone too much (between water, cold and cooking). Conforama, Lounge kitchen, € 1259.80 (price according to standard plan)

The central island, everything rolls around it

Conforama Still in this reflection on space, we respect the principle of a minimum distance of 1.20 m between the furniture. It is important to feel comfortable and free to move when cooking. Conforama, Diva kitchen, € 994.70 (price according to standard plan)