There is love in the decor!

There is love in the decor!

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So that your decor is full of love and tenderness, we put on a decoration that highlights love and sweetness. Discover in pictures how to make your interior a cozy little nest!

Love cushions

Blanc d'Ivoire ### To give a very friendly atmosphere in the living room, we put on "Love You" cushions. In this room, we prefer colored letters to bring good humor to the whole decor.

Love at the table

Pied de Poule ### To change from the traditional carafe of water, we put on a magic potion carafe imagined by Pied de poule. The water then turns into a love potion for your romantic meals.

Soft stickers

The collection ### And to leave sweet words on the walls, we put on stickers! Then install thoughts and maxims that advocate love. Our favorite: "We cherish us".

Warm the atmosphere

Pa Design ### Finally, in case of a cold spell, bet on the hot water bottle in the shape of a heart! It is enough to spend a few seconds in the microwave so that it diffuses a gentle heat.


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