Amadeus unveils its new fall / winter 2013-2014 collection

Amadeus unveils its new fall / winter 2013-2014 collection

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During the Maison & Objet trade fair, Amadeus unveiled its new collection for fall / winter 2013-2014 on a superb stand where the productions transported us to three universes: star track, bistronomy and design lines. Discover each inspiration in pictures.

Bistro-style furniture

Amadeus As for furniture, the bistro spirit translates into furniture that seems to have a history. On the program: patinated materials and charming details that will bring your decor to life to the rhythm of the bistro.

Make way for the circus

Amadeus La Piste aux Etoiles takes over the house with its old-fashioned charm and its festive universe, which results in a decoration in warm colors and accessories reminiscent of the marquees.

A character decoration

Amadeus To evoke the world of the circus, we must of course count on animals! They sit in very close-up on cushions and play the card of fantasy whether with glasses or stars.

Decorative bookends

Amadeus In the new Amadeus collection, nothing is left to chance! Not even the bookends that recall the balloon sculptures made by the clowns. And for a designer touch, they sport an ultra trendy black and white look.

Quirky spirit

Amadeus On the tableware side, we also play the offbeat menu with mugs and cups that feature animal portraits. Mister cat and mister rabbit are thus dressed in their most beautiful costume to offer an original look to the dishes.

An original office

Amadeus Practical for taking up little space, this desk also offers original and very decorative lines to your interior. With a wooden drawer, he knows how to pull out of the game to infuse a trendy decor style.

Design pieces

Amadeus To accessorize your interior, you can bet on objects with beautiful lines that combine style and elegance. This lamp thus plays the card of Scandinavian design by combining wooden feet with a textile lampshade. Chic and successful association!


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