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Geometry lesson for wallpaper

Geometry lesson for wallpaper

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The wallpaper takes some geometry lessons. It gives way to the emergence of figures with precise lines - triangles, spheres, squares ... - which are linked at equal distance. The walls thus take on a resolutely graphic and dynamic dimension by which we let ourselves be tempted ... Demonstration.

Oval patterns from floor to ceiling

Elitis ### Sometimes horizontal, sometimes vertical, this is how the lime green oval patterns of this wallpaper are linked, glued to each other to climb along the wall. Enough to awaken the atmosphere of the show!

Optical illusion

Harlequin ### Kaleidoscope effect on the wall! Forming an infinite combination of triangles, diamonds and curves that give the wall the impression of moving, the wallpaper plays tricks on us and proves that the geometric style can create the optical illusion ...

Rounds in series

Elitis ### Rounds, rounds and always rounds! From the top of their bottle green color, the circles invade the wall for a result halfway between softness and graphics.

Multicolored geometric designs

Elitis ### This wallpaper is adorned with rounded graphic designs in various colors that stand out effectively against a black background. A small multicolored visual effect that creates a dynamic and offbeat click in the decor.