Urban lifestyle among teens

Urban lifestyle among teens

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While the adult would rather lack calm and serenity at the end of the day, today's teenager is always looking for speed and sensations. No wonder then that he adopts the urban style so well, whether for his clothes or for his bedroom. To be sure to please him, do not hesitate to adopt rock, baroque or even connected trends for the decoration of his room.

London, the boost

Goal After New York, the other favorite destination for teenagers is London. For a more rock and silly atmosphere, we bet on this style which is easy to integrate thanks to the many objects using the motif of the English flag.

The Red and the Black

Purpose As a 80s song repeats, red and black are the favorite colors of any budding rocker. If your teenager spends the day with the headphones screwed on their ears, this room that does not hide his game is made for him.

Diesel rock teen bedroom

Diesel Still on the subject of music, your teen may prefer turntables to howling guitars. In this case, opt for this bed linen that announces the color, even in black and white.

Life, not just black and white

Fly If you find that the atmosphere lacks a bit of fantasy in black & white, add a wall of flashy color. This will appeal to both your teenager and yourself.

Why make a choice?

Carré Blanc What if we mixed all genres? If your teen is more of a hesitant type, you can also mix different urban patterns thanks to an accumulation of cushions.

Summit meeting

H&M Whatever the urban style adopted, the stacking of cushions is always appreciated by teenagers. This decorative touch brings a warm side and it allows your children to transform their room into a HQ for friends.

Teenager 2.0

Ikea Your child has grown up with new technologies, so it is unthinkable for him to part with it. For his office, consider creating a connected place so that he can consult his computer in the best conditions.

The electric fluorescent

La Redoute In a more feminine version, the urban style can also be played discreetly. We then opt for the neon trend by betting on strong pieces that will offset the rest of the more neutral decor.

Baroque rose

Maisons du monde Finally, let's not forget the baroque style that particularly appeals to young girls. By associating rhinestones and volutes with rock patterns, we are sure to please teenage girls who have not yet said goodbye to their childhood.

Artist's studio style

La Redoute Your teenager likes trends but remains a bit dreamy? It is to an artist studio room that we must turn! Rough walls, modern and colorful bed linen and here and there some accessories for painting.

Pop colors

Alinéa In the bedroom of your connected teenager, don't be afraid to dare a few pop-colored touches to brighten up the mood. A striped duvet cover and a bright red bedside lamp will be enough to complete the decor.

A trendy relaxation area

Alinéa A small sofa under the mezzanine is enough to give your teen's bedroom this connected and urban spirit. Also dare original colors on the wall like this pastel salmon which harmonizes wonderfully with sober and gray furniture.

A brick wall

Becquet So that the urban atmosphere is present in your teenager's room, think also "brick wall"! At the head of the bed and associated with a New York decor, it is a real charming asset.


Maisons du Monde After the brick wall, don't forget the urban accessories that give your teenager's room all its size like this headboard that takes up New York buildings.

A phone booth

Maisons du Monde In a girl's room, you let the British style settle with flags, "London" wall decorations and a telephone booth that is fixed to the wall.

Paris, the beautiful

La Redoute After making a stopover in New York, London, direction Paris and its famous Eiffel Tower. In the teenage bedroom, the latter takes place on the bed linen and as a simple decorative object on the bedside table.

A sign

Maisons du Monde Who says urban decoration, necessarily says traffic signs. We therefore adopt in our teenagers' room this "Exit" sign which seems to have been found in the streets of New York.

Surf trend

Maisons du Monde Your teenager dreams of Australian beaches? Let him travel with a 100% surf decor. Blue, yellow, white, some "shark warning" signs on the wall and voila!