Architect's advice: how to arrange a shower or bath space in a room?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a shower or bath space in a room?

Bathroom and bedroom are two rooms that we particularly like for their common functions (rest, relaxation, self-care ...). When the available surface does not allow the installation of a real bathroom in the bedroom, a bathroom "space" can however be envisaged by optimizing a corner, an alcove, a cupboard, a reinforcement ... In short, by exploiting existing architecture. Another solution is to reduce the size of the room to decorate it with a shower area. For several years now, these intimate spaces have invaded the bedrooms, saving space, time and comfort.

Design a podium bath space in a bedroom

Angélique BLANC Here we take advantage of the alcove to create a 2.90 m x 1.20 m bath space, on a podium, allowing discreet passage of the pipes. A great classic in beautiful bathrooms, but in a reduced space, the space-saving hip bath is encased in a wooden formwork. The bathroom area elegantly invites itself into the bedroom, combining business with pleasure, and creating the illusion of staying in a guesthouse, a romantic and intimate cocoon. The space created is open, fluid, without the slightest visual disruption, provided, however, that the same floor covering is used in the bath and sleeping areas.

Create a contemporary shower space in a bedroom

Angélique BLANC The volume of the bedroom has been reduced here to create a contemporary shower area of ​​3.60 mx 1.10 m. This layout is possible in a room of 15 m2 minimum and preserves the privacy of the occupants since the space is closed, but by a glass partition in the upper part. This type of partition allows the shower area to benefit from daylight, while allowing the installation of two different floor coverings. For a contemporary look, easy maintenance and maximum comfort, the shower is chosen Italian and the extra sink is suspended.

Create a shower and WC in a bedroom

Angélique BLANC This room benefited from an old bathroom, whose water inlets and outlets have been kept. The volume has been completely redesigned to create a shower and toilet area of ​​2.70 mx 1.20 m. The shower has been raised, it is accessed by two narrow steps, allowing to install a space-saving WC. In the old condemned chimney flue, an office stamp (small old shallow sink) was installed.