New Desigual collection: our 10 favorites

New Desigual collection: our 10 favorites

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Colorful! This is obviously what comes to mind when we imagine the new Desigual household linen collection. And we are not disappointed! Duvet cover with large romantic prints, bath linen in ultra flashy colors and kitchen accessories that will impress you, discover the novelties of the Spanish brand which says a big yes to good humor in the house!

Bohemian plaids and cushions

Desigual This fall, there is no question of depressing in a gray interior! We invite color into the living room with plaids and cushions that play with the patterns and colors of the bohemian style. Plaid: 99 euros

A romantic duvet cover

Desigual So that good humor reigns in the bedroom (and incidentally under the duvet), we adopt this Love Party atmosphere duvet cover! We particularly like the watercolor effect patterns which bring a lot of softness to the whole. 179 euros


Desigual In this living room, a rainbow was printed on the sofa, the pouffe or the carpet. Be careful, however, not to dare everything at the same time at the risk of touching the overdose. Plaid: 99 euros

Unique towels

Desigual Do you want a truly unique decoration in the bathroom, but you are afraid of getting bored? Bet on bath linen that you can store in the closet once the desire has passed. We can easily imagine these napkins in flashy colors waking up a slightly bland room.

Fun cushions

Desigual The cushions with original shapes are not exclusively reserved for children's rooms. The proof with these models in the shape of an owl and a heart that will immediately wake up a dull sofa. 29 euros

Flowered plaids and rugs

Desigual Ambiance Hand Flower in this living room where spring reigns supreme all year round. We melt in front of the flower-shaped carpet that we install near the sofa or at the foot of the bed! Plaid: 124 euros

A hippie chic duvet cover

Desigual To give a hippie chic atmosphere to your bedroom, bet without hesitation on this floral duvet cover in warm colors. In a room with white walls, it will give a good kick! 179 euros

A touch of pep in the kitchen

Desigual After having spread your palette of colors in the bedroom, living room and bathroom, now go to the kitchen with this colorful apron and potholder that you can easily display on the wall. Please note, the decor idea only works on a plain and preferably clear wall!

Good mood in the bathroom

Desigual How nice it is to take a bath to relax when the bathroom is full of life! To transform your pond into a cheerful and bright living space, adopt towels and rugs with tropical flowers and bright stripes.