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10 uses for words in decoration

10 uses for words in decoration

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Words have become real decorative tools, provided you know how to use them! So to help you give your interior a voice, here are 10 ways to use letters and words in decoration. It's up to you to make your walls speak!

Letters for a fun decor

And always for children, know that letters are a fun way to decorate walls. Using paint and magnetic letters, children can create their own words on the walls and learn to express themselves while having fun.

Letters to organize

Rather than having your agenda in your bag and never having it in front of you, create an agenda on the wall by installing the days of the week on a blackboard space. Then you just have to complete with your planning.

Letters to write down your thoughts

With a blackboard in the house, you can also change the decor and words as you see fit. What display your mood and customize your decor as desired.

Letters to establish the decorative style

Words can help you give weight to your messages. For example, why not use a cushion that displays the word Zen to sit your decoration in this style?

Letters for practical and decorative pots

Letters and words are also used to organize your storage. By registering the contents of your storage boxes, you offer them a decorative note while playing the practicality card. What more ?

Letters to give an offbeat style

With a traffic sign for example, you will give an offbeat side to the decor with a "work in progress" style. What play on originality to give a personalized atmosphere to your decor.

Letters for an arty atmosphere

Artists do not fail to use words to make their positions heard. Like them, we do not hesitate to bet on message boards to display its arty style in the decor.

Letters to decorate a window

Not always easy to decorate the borders of a window! With zinc letters, you can make your windows speak with ease.

Letters for a poetic atmosphere

Finally, what could be better than words to evoke poetry? We can then bet on a poem that will settle on the walls to set the tone of a room for example. In wallpaper or sticker, the effect is guaranteed! More ideas by clicking here!


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