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Trend: minimalist clocks

Trend: minimalist clocks

Who says clock says old wooden models, imposing, old fashion and nagging ticking. False! Now clocks are real decorative objects, delicate and simply beautiful. Here are 10 modern and minimalist clocks.

Alarm clock

Present Time This small white clock recalls the alarm clocks of yesteryear. Very simple, it can be placed on a shelf or on a bedside table. The colored wall highlights its cut.


Present Time This little meadow green clock looks strangely like a boat windsock. It is simply placed on a piece of furniture, in the entry, the living room or even the kitchen.


Les Gambettes To change round clocks with a white background, here is an azure model. We notice it in the middle of the living room wall, but it remains discreet.

Neo Classic

Maisons du Monde Elegant, this clock in the old style, in black wood with Roman numerals, plays the card of refinement simply placed on a desk.


Maisons du Monde If you want to know what time it is around the world in the blink of an eye, this clock is made for you. We love its industrial look totally in trend!


Fleux If the round shape of this clock is fairly classic, the marble that composes it is much less. We advise you to install this model in a modern and fairly refined interior.


House Doctor The small and large needle move on a pine circle. No number, color or pattern, just the delicacy of the suggested time.