10 ways to play with mustaches

10 ways to play with mustaches

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The mustache is fashionable. Between the return of a virile tradition and fashion trend, it is also found in the decor and that's good! On the cushions, the dishes or even upon entering the mat, discover our tips for adding a touch of humor to your interior.

On the couch

AM.PM With a dark sofa, you dare a mustache cushion. On a white background, a pretty black mustache stands out. Discreet but yet offbeat, this mustache has all the assets for a decorative living room.

Put away and laugh

Conforama We find the mustache everywhere and even on these storage boxes signed Conforama. We love the raw cardboard background and the vintage graphics, which gives an "old school" touch.

At table

Conforama The tableware is also adorned with playful and offbeat graphics to entertain your guests. Here we find our two characters, very British, who will wake up your daily breakfasts.


La Redoute To hang your clothes with a little style and humor, we put on these mustache hangers. Full or empty, in raw or colored wood, you choose your model according to your tastes.

Free your whiskers

La Redoute No, the editorial staff does not advise you to embark on a mustache revolution, but alludes to the liberty print of this cushion. We mix the virility of the hair with the lightness of a feminine print.

Leather and shape

Maison du monde This aged leather sofa shows a mustache in shadow. Indeed, not visible at first glance it is the top of the backrest that draws the shape of it. Humor and subtlety are there.

To take away

Maison du monde To bring the decor out of the house, you take your favorite motif with you at the end of your keys. Once inside, it is proudly displayed in a storage compartment in the entrance or hung near the door.

In the bath

Urban Outfitters The bathroom also has the right to its mustache decor, with this soap dispenser and this toothbrush jar. No jealousy between the rooms of the house, everyone has the right to their mustache!

In the bedroom

Urban Outfitters A real couple is a couple who complement each other. Urban Outfitters reminds us with this duo of cushions. Alone, they don't want to say anything anymore, together they find a smile, or rather a mustache!


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